Yiddish Pop


I read Jonathan Mark’s June 1 article, “Yiddish Hoedown In An Old Folk Shule,” with great interest. Now retired and in my 70s, I just completed a year of Yiddish language study at Workmen’s Circle. To add to what the fascinating article described, there is now a superb and totally free website for learning Yiddish, called YiddishPop (www.YiddishPop.com). It was masterminded by young Yiddishists who are also tech savvy, a winning combination in today’s world.

I still think an in-person class is preferable to online study, but the charming, animated characters in YiddishPop, Nomi and her robot Mobi, will keep you eagerly advancing from one lesson to the next.

Zai gezunt (Be well).

E. Billi Ivry Professor of Talmud and Rabbinic Culture (emerita), JTS