On Ocasio-Cortez


Commenting on your Aug. 3 front-page article, “Ocasio-Cortez Invite To Shoah Museum Backfires,” I find the language offensive, especially those who say being anti-Israel is anti-Semitic.

Why is Ocasio-Cortez an anti-Semite because she takes a principled stand against the policy errors that have cost Israel substantial support among American Jews? I have the same concerns and there’s nobody mentioned in your news story who has any right to declare me anything. They can think it and write it, but they can’t make me unwelcome in any place I choose to be or was invited to. I suppose that tikkun olam is meshuggah and trying to bring peace to two bitter enemies will never work. Really? Then why do Israel and Germany have diplomatic relations?

Sometimes even protesters doth protest too much. Their board power positions seem to give people the right to send down rabbinical-like encyclicals upon the rest of us. Jewish fatwas. Threats. Finger pointing. The self-righteousness is appalling.