‘Over The Top’


Jeffrey Wiesenfeld believes it is over the top and “detestable” to compare President Trump’s immigration policy to the Holocaust (“Standing By Their Man, Only More So These Days,” Aug. 10).

That policy among other things, permitted an infant being breast-fed by his or her mother to be snatched away, the mother deported and the infant sent to who knows where. Jeffrey Wiesenfeld could use a refresher course in seichel (wisdom) when he considers the comparison “detestable.” It is true young children during the Holocaust were murdered, but the important issue is the mistreatment of innocent young children because of political reasons. Children under Trump’s order may well suffer mentally for the rest of their lives. If Mr. Wiesenfeld and Orthodox Jews want to embrace Mr. Trump, a pathological and neurotic liar; a man who publicly insults our longtime friends in Canada, Australia, England, Germany and France and embraces autocrats in Russia, Turkey, China and elsewhere; a man who has no use for science and disputes climate change is being caused by humans; a man who pursues tax changes that only benefits the enormously wealthy and refuses to produce his own tax returns; all because he moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, they are free to do so.

I think, however, to use Mr. Wiesenfeld’s own words, it is they who are “over the top.”

Flushing, Queens