Muslim Or Not?


I am confused by two things regarding “Democrats In A Bind On Muslim Candidates,” by Stewart Ain, August 24.  First, the headline clearly implies that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Muslim. According to Wikipedia, she’s Catholic. What information do you have to label her a Muslim?

Second, Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf says “Should the Democrats win the control of the House, Eliot Engel will be the last unabashedly pro-Israel chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in our lifetime.”  Either this ‘political consultant’ isn’t aware that the House holds elections every two years; or he knows but is convinced that the Democrats will hold a majority in the House for the next four decades or so; or he thinks that no Republican holding that chairmanship would be pro-Israel. All three are improbable, and the last is, in my opinion, offensive to pro-Israel Republicans.


Editor’s Note: The writer is correct. Taking into consideration the headline, we should have clarified in the article that Ocasio-Cortez is Catholic. We regret the oversight.