The Agony From Oslo


“Long Live Oslo,” the Anti-Defamation League’s deputy national director, Kenneth Jacobson, declares (Opinion, Sept. 21). It seems to me that officials of Jewish organizations, sitting thousands of miles away from the front lines, sometimes forget the human cost paid because of the various plans they advocate.

More than 1,500 Israelis (as well as many Americans, including my daughter Alisa) were murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the Oslo years. More than 10,000 innocent people have been injured by terrorists since Oslo. Think of all the widows and orphans. Think of all the innocents who have been blinded or maimed or traumatized. Think of all the lives ruined, the families torn apart. Once an attack has faded from the headlines, it’s easy to forget the real human suffering. But the agony that the terrorists have inflicted never ends.

That agony is the direct result of Oslo. The vast majority of the killers came from the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, the regime that was created by Oslo. The terrorists were either sent by the PA, incited by the PA, or sheltered by the PA — and of course financially rewarded by the PA afterwards. It was Oslo that created the PA. So maybe it would be wise to think about all that Oslo has wrought, before uttering the words “Long Live Oslo.”

Long Branch, N.J.