Distortion Of #MeToo Message


Regarding “For Young Jews, Kavanaugh Hearings Are A Wake-up Call,” Oct. 5: In this country we presume a person innocent until and unless proven otherwise. To declare that someone is guilty, man or woman, simply on the basis of uncorroborated and unsubstantiated allegations, is a dangerous trend, contrary to the values we as citizens uphold.

Something, somewhere obviously did happen to Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, the California professor who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of … [sexually assaulting her] when they were in high school. She evokes our empathy, compassion and concern. She was listened to and heard. Not only did her friends not corroborate her story, they claimed to have no knowledge of the event. The prosecutor herself, brought on board to address the claim of bias on the part of “old white men,” declared that there was no basis upon which to prosecute.

Simply chanting “women must be believed” should not persuade anyone that women are implicitly the truth tellers and men the liars. That in itself represents a distortion, a hijacking of the #MeToo message. Hypocrisy and a double standard is rampant amongst those who shout the loudest, carry the placards with trite and tired slogans, and post vitriolic, meaningless, yet ugly messages on Facebook. Spouting specious prognostications that the sky will fall if and when Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed does not make it so. We have yet to hear angry words from these very same individuals regarding Keith Ellison and Cory Booker, aka Spartacus … [who admitted recently to groping a girl in high school. Ellison was recently accused of assault by a former girlfriend, a charge he vehemently denies.]

Thank you, Sen. Susan Collins for demonstrating decency and rational thought when considering decisions to be made concerning the future of our country. Your regard for the facts rather than for what would be politically expedient and advantageous to you was a refreshing change from what we Americans have been witnessing. Thank you for reminding everyone of the importance of fairness when judging a fellow human being. I only hope that your colleagues and the rest of America sat up and listened.

Jamaica, Queens