Editorial Too Bland


To the writers of the Nov. 2 group editorial “On Pittsburgh Attack, We Stand United”:

I ask you Jewish journalists why you condemn “irresponsible political leaders who engage in hateful speech and who are abetted by the silence of others” without naming the irresponsible political leaders you have in mind. There are thousands of elected and appointed officials, otherwise known as political leaders, in America. I would welcome — no, I would expect — a much more specific statement in an editorial concerning the worst massacre of Jews in American history.

Frankly, the editorial strikes me as spectacularly bland. A coalition of Jewish journalists comes out against brutal anti-Semitism. Moreover, the coalition is against all acts of hate. You “issue a call for solidarity and respect.” You ask that we argue with civility. Do people not already know all this?

Along with all these bromides you get to the problem of irresponsible leaders (I note the plural) and their abettors. You are against them, whoever they are. Well, who are they?