JScreen Comes To Queens Hillel For Genetic Testing


More than 60 students came out to Hillel of Queens College’s JScreen genetic screening event on November 7th for students to learn what’s in their genes, and help them take control of their future. The event was organized by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi sorority.

JScreen gives individuals and couples important information to help them plan ahead for the health of their future children.  Testing is performed by a certified laboratory and results are reviewed and reported to participants by genetic counselors. The screening panel includes Tay-Sachs, Cystic Fibrosis, and over 200 other genetic diseases.

“We were thrilled to bring JScreen to Queens College for the second time where we had a great turnout,” said Hillary Kener, JScreen’s Director of National Outreach and Marketing. “There was a lot of excitement from the students who were grateful to get genetic screening for a low-cost and happy it was done using a saliva sample.”

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