The Perfect Gift


During ancient times, the Jews would provide the poor with gelt, or currency, in order for them to be able to buy themselves some oil and a Menorah and celebrate the holiday of Chanukah. Today, we mimic this custom with gifts. Chanukah is in full swing, and people are rushing to find their friends and family some last-minute gifts. Not sure where to shop or what to buy? Here are a few gift ideas for your Chanukah grab bag.

As the chilly winter weather approaches, people tend to sit in their cozy homes, watch a movie and drink some hot cocoa. What better gift is there to buy than some comfortable pajama sets to keep warm! A patterned pajama set will set the mood for any movie night with your family and friends. You can quickly find these sets in clothing shops like Gap, Forever 21 or Nordstrom, but tons of other shops have them too!

Whether it’s a scarf or a duffel bag, people always like things better they are personalized. So, think of what your friend likes best and slap their name on it! It could be a journal if your friend enjoys writing, or a water bottle if your friend enjoys exercising. Whatever it is, they will be sure to love it. Maybe you can even get something special for yourself!

Chanukah is the perfect time to get something unique for your parents to show your gratification. If you’re trying to find your parents a thoughtful and easy gift, try making them a book collage. All you need is a scrapbook and pictures of your parents and family. You can either make the scrapbook yourself or buy one from a convenience store near you. You can be sure that your parents will be shedding tears after receiving this gift.

These last-minute Chanukah gifts will be leaving everyone happy. So, grab some jelly donuts, swap your presents and have a happy Chanukah!

Sarit Alkadaa is a senior at Yeshivah of Flatbush. She is a Staff Writer for Fresh Ink for Teens.