Only Orthodox Will Prevail


“Will Judaism survive?” That is the question I have seen posed in The Jewish Week recently, and the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes.” And that is thanks only to the Orthodox movement of Judaism, not “liberal” streams of Judaism. Reform and Conservative Jews do everything possible to shoot themselves in the foot by eliminating Jewish observance and tradition.

Only the Orthodox stream of the religion perpetuates true Judaism by maintaining all Jewish laws and Jewish traditions.

The “liberal” streams of Judaism defiled the memory of the 11 worshippers murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh by protesting the appearance of President Trump. The “progressive Jews” also made fools of themselves by sending a letter to the National Council of Young Israel blasting the Orthodox group for thanking the president for joining the Jewish community of Squirrel Hill in mourning the dead. They seem to forget the fact that President Trump has done more for Jews and Israel than any president in history (but they love President Obama, who threw Israel under the bus during the last few weeks of his administration).

Trump does not support the progressive agenda of the left-wing Jews on issues such as abortion rights, the environment, immigration, Palestinian rights, etc. To put it simply, the Reform and Conservative Jews in this country have no “Hakaras HaTov,” appreciation of good deeds.

Will Judaism survive? Absolutely. But the liberal denominations of Judaism will have nothing to do with that survival.

Kew Gardens Hills, Queens