Faulty Reasoning


I was very disturbed and disheartened with a letter to the editor, “Only Orthodox Will Prevail” (Dec. 7), and frankly surprised you would choose to publish such a divisive letter. While I respect everyone’s right to his or her opinion, I found the reasoning in this case faulty and ludicrous. It can surely be debated as to which of our presidents has

been the best for Jews and for Israel. It could also reasonably be argued that the very climate which led to the horrific shootings in Pittsburgh may have well been encouraged by rhetoric and behavior endorsed by our current president, the very same who was not welcomed by the affected community in Pittsburgh.

As for “Hakaras HaTov,” I see myriad examples of this appreciation of good deeds every day by Jews I know, be they Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative or Orthodox. Finally, it seems to me that we have more than enough enemies outside of our fold not to have to fight amongst ourselves. How about I let the author of this letter practice his religion the way he chooses, and he lets me practice mine the way I see fit? It is my fervent prayer that Judaism will survive, and that there be a place in it for all of us.

Hartsdale, N.Y.