On Soros


Because I concur with your opposition to unfair accusations by anti-Semites against George Soros (“George Soros As Scapegoat,” Editorial, Dec. 14), I respectfully submit that your interest in fairness requires you to describe Soros as more than a mere “critic of Israeli policies” who “does not identify as a Zionist.”

Many mainstream Jews, including yours truly, have criticized some of Israel’s policies, and more importantly, many mainstream Israelis who live in Israel and have served in its army criticize some of Israel’s policies. Israel is a democracy that welcomes an exchange of ideas.

But it should be noted that even Soros doesn’t criticize all of Israel’s policies, since he certainly is in favor of Israel’s granting so many rights to Arabs that even many Arab governments don’t grant to many of their own citizens, let alone to people who don’t adhere to their country’s predominant religion (to put it mildly).

More significantly, although Soros may or may not officially support BDS against all or part of Israel per se, he clearly supports organizations whose positions and/or leaders advocate BDS on some levels as well as Muslim rights at the expense of Jewish rights in all or parts of Israel.