Misplaced Loyalty


While Joe Lieberman was always able to balance his politics along with his religion and support for Israel, Jack Lew confirmed at his “State of the Union Today” appearance that he was and still is an Obama apologist who unfortunately did not use his appearance to help Israel in any way (“Coarsening Of Discourse Threatens Democracy,” Jan. 25).

His reasoning about being against the move of the American Embassy to Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem, is that it was a partisan issue because Democrats opposed it. The partisanship issue between the two parties is not a reason not to do the right thing.

Netanyahu needs, for Israel’s sake, to be friendly with Trump and accept this great gift he bestowed on the Jewish people and the Jewish State. What was he supposed to do, say “No thanks, Mr. President, even though it’s been the Jewish dream for thousands of years to have our capital restored to the Holy City we’ll pass for right now”?

I’m happy Lew seems like a mensch. But for all his loyalty and “neutrality” and the respect he felt he gave and received from Obama, his boss left us with a going away present at the U.N. that may hurt the Jewish people for many years to come.

Los Angeles