Where Are Our Leaders?


I am 78 and have never seen the level of anti-Semitism we are witnessing today (“Amid Push For Shul Security Funds, Anti-Semitic Violence ‘Truly Alarming,’” May 3). This comes out of a context in which our president, and my congressman, Lee Zeldin (R-Suffolk County), pander to anti-Semites. The Republican Party supports the president no matter what he does or says. They even oppose the most basic sensible gun control laws that would prevent murderers from having automatic weapons capable of murdering more people in less time.

The Democratic Party waffles and is fearful of forthrightly condemning one of their own (Rep. Ilhan Omar) who spouts anti-Semitism. Our president has created and panders to an atmosphere in our country that gives a green light to anti-Semites. Where are our leaders? Some Jewish groups even sell out to the president under the claim of supporting Israel because he allows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do whatever he finds politically expedient to do. This does Israel no favors.

So far, our leadership both political and Jewish have proven themselves to be bankrupt. Will they speak out or will our country continue to spiral down into a situation where more and more Jews are murdered?

None of this minimizes the serious pain caused by racism and Islamophobia. That too is part of the current atmosphere.

Port Jefferson Station, L.I.