Preventing Anti-Semitism


The Museum of Jewish Heritage recently held its annual Gathering of Remembrance at Temple Emanu-El. More than one speaker reminded us how the number of Holocaust survivors is decreasing as the years go by. Sadly, too, the number of survivors of modern anti-Semitism is increasing. 

The two are not unrelated.  Indeed, the anti-Semitism that fueled the Shoah and led to the murder of over 6 million Jews and the destruction of so many communities in Europe is still very much alive. And not only in Europe

As a child of Holocaust survivors myself, I never thought that we would once again confront this kind of virulent hatred here in our day. We must never take our privileges here for granted. As we remember those who died in the Shoah, and pay tribute to the survivors still living, let us also set the foundation for the future. Let’s continue to educate our children and bring them to our synagogues and to Jewish events so they will remember who they are and carry on our legacy. Let’s stand up for our beliefs, show our solidarity, and support one another in our communities. Let’s take the steps needed to prevent anti-Semitism from spreading its poison.

Bay Terrace Garden Jewish Center