Treasure For German Speakers


We at the Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) congratulate Peter Schrag on the publication of his new book on the Aufbau and we were pleased to see the review and reminiscences of Steve Lipman (“The Aufbau Connection,” April 25). The Aufbau truly was, as Mr. Lipman stated, “a lifeline for generations of German-speaking Jewish immigrants in the United States.”

LBI is a research archive and library dedicated to maintaining the largest collection of books and documents related to German-speaking Jewry in the world. Our archives are fully digitized; thanks to a grant from the Metropolitan New York Library Council, all issues of the Aufbau from inception through 2004 are accessible through DigiBaeck, our digital archive, through our website (

We invite users to browse and read the issues and search with keywords within a volume to find specific topics, ads, and announcements of births, weddings, and obituaries. The LBI website also provides a link to the Aufbau Indexing Project (AIP), an online database of names that appeared in announcements published in the Aufbau.

At LBI, we welcome additional materials, comments, and memories about the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry.

Executive Director Leo Baeck Institute