Bill Buckner Tribute


I really enjoyed Rabbi Gerald Skolnik’s Jewish Week blog, “Remembering Bill Buckner – And What I Learned From Him.” What I was so unaware of regarding Bill Buckner’s career was its longevity. He played for 22 seasons. This man was a great baseball player and by all accounts a great man.

To make such an error in front of so many would be tough for anyone. The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus noted that if we wish to improve, we must be content to be thought of as foolish and stupid. Those that do take such a risk in the name of aspiration and fail can often display virtues of a true hero more than those that succeed. But a society so focused on winning never realizes just how special these people, these heroes, are until we read their obituaries.

I think it could be said that, in baseball and in life, Bill Buckner was a hero.

Thanks to Rabbi Skolnik for the great piece.