FDR’s Bloody Record


Rafael Medoff should be thanked for his continuing effort to make the record clear and accurate about the role of FDR during the Holocaust (“FDR And Jewish Immigrants,” Letters, June 14).

Instead of any thoughts that winning the war was designed to rescue the remnants of European Jewry, the main objective was more personal in maintaining the WASP character of both England and the U.S. Unfortunately, at that time, the majority WASP position was anti-Semitic, with immigration quotas as a result. Influenced by an anti-Semitic State Department, FDR contributed to the restriction of Jewish immigration. The tolerant voice of his wife, while on target, was not heeded.

Jewish support with votes for FDR did not save Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The record of his administrations is tainted by the blood of 6 million Jews.