Accuses Times’ Jewish Journalists


The NY Times has stooped so low in its anti-Isra el [reporting] and at least borderline anti-Semitism, but it’s still hard to believe its reporters, in 2019, are still playing the “but I’m Jewish and my best friends are Jewish” card to validate their own blind, self-hatred (“With Times Under Siege, Jewish Reporters Hit Back,” May 24).

So the paper employed four Jewish executive editors; that only makes their coverage even more obscene and destructive.

The cumulative effect of this Israel-bashing has caused millennial Jews to abandon support of Israel and even dismiss their tenuous Jewish identity as being tied to Israel. How terrible for them, and for us, that support for the only Jewish state (and a democracy to boot) in the world is diminishing and how bad this bodes for American and world support in the coming years.

Los Angeles