Adding Fuel To The Fire


I have read The Jewish Week for years, always starting with Gary Rosenblatt’s columns. He has always been insightful, informative, thought-provoking and a few more positives. Perhaps because of my high estimation of him, my feelings after reading “With Times Under Siege, Jewish Reporters Hit Back” (May 24) centered on disappointment and anger … towards him. In summary, I am not sure what his goal was for the article, but in my opinion, he did nothing more than add fuel to the (my) fire.

The reporters Rosenblatt interviewed are apologists for The Times, nothing more. And The Jewish Week article facilitated their story. Joseph Berger refers to “a soft spot for the underdog” (i.e., the Palestinians) on the part of The Times editorial staff and that their suffering “needs to be reported.” He then states “the situation is due to the foolishness of their own leaders.” I cannot imagine a less accurate way to describe the hatred, greed, incompetence and self-serving actions of the Palestinians’ leaders.

Ethan Bronner observes that newspaper articles have grown shorter, resulting in lost information that can explain or mitigate a situation. But that does not excuse the need to explain or mitigate, it just makes the job harder. Rosenblatt seems to accept Bronner’s observations. For shame.

I am glad I cancelled my Times subscription after the cartoons. But I expect more from Rosenblatt.

New City, N.Y.