Reparations Questions


With the vast majority of Jews arriving in the U. S. after the Civil War, the obvious question is why should they be responsible for slavery that only existed before their arrival (“Jews Cautious On Reparations For Blacks,” June 28).?

As the drive for reparations for slavery gains momentum, mainly fueled by the left wing of the Democratic Party, there should be a critical examination of who would be entitled, not only for being descendants of slaves but also for those involved in bringing slavery to its conclusion. Immigrants and their descendants who entered the U.S. after 1865, and those who had no part in the practice prior to the Civil War, should not be considered in any eventual settlement.

Who, then, should be responsible for the reparations? Obviously, the descendants of major slave holders, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe, in addition to less well-known but numerous profiting slave holders.

In addition, those ancestors who fought for the Union should be rewarded for their actions, specifically the descendants of those individuals who gave their lives during the Civil War in winning freedom for slaves.

In retrospect, there are no deep pockets either for reparations for slavery or for families whose loved ones died in fighting for the freedom of slaves. Let the balance sheet show that reparations are not due to anyone.