Misleading Headline


I wish to express my dismay at the misleading title of your article “Gunning for Pro-Israel House Reps,” Aug. 2.

The implication of this headline, and the sub-headline referring to the progressive targeting of Jewish Democrats, is that the primary challenges to the incumbents are based on their pro-Israel records, and that the incumbents are even being targeted as Jews. Nothing in the actual article substantiates such contentions.

There are absolutely no anti-Israel sentiments by any of the challengers cited in the article. Indeed, the article notes that the challenger to Nita Lowey shares her support for a two-state solution. Rather, the challenges to the three incumbents stem from issues, mostly domestic, other than Israel.

The Jewish Week should strive to avoid any sensationalist articles or headlines not based on fact. Sadly, those can be easily found in other publications in the Jewish community.