The Voices Of Fresh Ink


Fresh Ink for Teens, the webzine sponsored by The New York Jewish Week, is written for — and by — Jewish students from high schools around the world. The Fresh Ink reporters cover a wide range of topics including high school life, politics, Israel, sports, culture, college preparation and Judaism through original articles, essays and creative writing pieces, sharing their ideas with a large audience of peers. Inaugurated more than 17 years ago, Fresh Ink has won multiple awards from the American Jewish Press Association.

Fresh Ink’s group of 18 student staff writers contribute monthly articles on their specific beats, and the publication also accepts pieces from others. Additionally, a team of 10 students meet monthly via Skype, forming the Fresh Ink Editorial Board, to brainstorm creative new ideas and strategize how to increase their readership. These students, from diverse backgrounds, share a passion for writing, editing and engaging with their Jewish peers.

Fresh Ink for Teens was a foundational part of my high school experience. Fresh Ink allowed me to meet Jewish teens all over the country who were also interested in writing, and who cared about their Jewish heritage. In fact, I am now pursuing an English major because of how engaging it was!

—Amalia Munn, Former Editorial Board Member. Amalia is now a freshman at University of California, Berkeley.

As a member of the Editorial Board of Fresh Ink for Teens, I have developed valuable relationships with other young Jewish writers from around the world. My experience writing for The Jewish Week has taught me to be my own advocate; I have learned how to seek out journalism opportunities across New York City and how to interview others and write about their experiences. I am grateful to all of the writers and editors at The Jewish Week Media Group, especially Gary Rosenblatt, for their support of Fresh Ink and for inspiring budding Jewish journalists through their writing.

—Julie Levey, Editorial Board Member. Julie is a senior at the Spence School in New York. 

Fresh Ink for Teens was an amazing experience for me. I got the chance to work with other incredibly talented teens, improve my writing and editing skills, learn from more experienced members of the team and be aware of what is going on in the Jewish community. Being on the Fresh Ink team has actually inspired me to apply for Her Campus at the University of Wisconsin, which is a magazine targeted towards female college students.

—Olivia Meyers, Former Editorial Board Member. Olivia is now a freshman at University of Wisconsin.

Fresh Ink for Teens has allowed me to develop my voice as a creative writer, a young leader and a member of the Jewish community. I have really cherished the opportunity to think about and grapple with poignant Jewish topics of discussion through Fresh Ink for Teens. I feel very blessed to have been able to write for this magazine and to have contributed to its commitment to granting Jewish teenagers a platform to share their thoughts and ideas. Fresh Ink for Teens truly is a huge part of the Jewish future, and it is such a blessing to be a part of this vibrant community.

—Abigail Yadegar, Editorial Board Member. Abigail is a senior at Milken Community High School in Los Angeles.

Being on the Fresh Ink for Teens Editorial Board has given me the valuable and unique opportunity to shape a publication associated with an organization as impressive as The Jewish Week while still a teenager. I’ve gained insight into the editing and publication process and grown as a writer and editor.

—Josephine Schizer, Editorial Board Member. Josephine is a senior at The Ramaz School in New York.

Fresh Ink for Teens gave me a platform to voice my views on issues pertinent to the Jewish community, both in Israel and in the diaspora. Being a teenager, there are few publications that take my voice seriously, and I’m grateful for The New York Jewish Week for their instrumental work in helping bring our voices to light.

—Madison Hahamy, Former Staff Writer. Madison is now a freshman at Yale University.

Working as a staff writer for Fresh Ink for Teens has been an incredible opportunity for me. I’ve reported on a variety of amazing events I might not otherwise have attended, met fascinating people I would never have talked to and learned to look at moments in my own life from a journalist’s perspective. The experience has improved my writing and taught me important skills, in addition to enhancing my connection with my own Jewish community and the wider Jewish community.

—Rena Max, Staff Writer. Rena is a junior at Hebrew Academy of Nassau County.

As an editor for Fresh Ink for Teens, I have had the opportunity to improve my editing skills while gaining a wider perspective of the Jewish community. I have worked with other Jewish teens to create content that could represent the voice of my generation of Jews and together we have discussed our views of how we could further connect the Jewish community through Fresh Ink.

Gabriel Potter, Editorial Board Member. Gabriel is a senior at The Ramaz School in New York.

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