Top 12 New Normal Blogs of 2019


Our New Normal blog focuses on the intersection of disability issues and Jewish life. We are grateful to our amazing writers for contributing their insights and perspectives–and to our readers for sharing, commenting and learning more about how our Jewish community can better support, include and appreciate people with disabilities and their families.

We are grateful for all of our contributors–and appreciate all of the new writers who shared their voices this year.

Check out 12 of our most popular blogs from 2019 (listed in the chronological order in which they appeared):


  1. The Future Is Bright: Advancing Opportunities For People With Disabilities
  2. How My Son Found His Way Back To Preschool
  3. God Can See My Son. Can you?
  4. A Tribute To Rabbi Lynne Landsberg, One Year After Her Death
  5. “No Limits” New Israeli Haggadah Features Artists with Disabilities
  6. Smile! A Unique Vocational Opportunity for People With Intellectual Disabilities
  7. A Guide to Support Mental ‘Whale-ness’
  8. Remembering My Father: A Tribute AND Remembering My Mother: A Tribute
  9. ‘No Limits in Motion’: An Accessible Birthright Trip
  10. The Boy And The Flute: The Tale Retold
  11. Biking For My Daughter: A 246 Mile Leg of My Jewish Journey
  12. For Mom With Love: Remembering An Advocate And A Tough Cookie