Eliana Fine, 24


What you do:

I am currently a second-year medical student at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University in the 3YMD Program (OBGYN track). In March 2019, I founded the Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association (JOWMA), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting, providing mentorship and advancing the careers of Jewish female physicians and trainees. I am currently its CEO.

Unexpected fun fact:

I love to party plan! After I complete my medical studies, I just may take up party planning as a side gig!

How you got here:

I have recognized that despite all that has been accomplished for women and girls of all backgrounds, many still question whether their commitment to a Torah lifestyle can coexist with their commitment to a career in medicine. Therefore, in March 2019, I founded JOWMA, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting, providing mentorship and advancing the careers of Jewish female physicians and trainees, as well as providing preventative health education and patient advocacy in the Jewish community.

We hosted over 100 female physicians, trainees and pre-med students for an evening of networking and support at the JOWMA inaugural event in May 2019. In June 2019, the JOWMA Preventative Health Committee headed by Dr. Maureen Nemetski and Dr. Alisa Minkin partnered with the New York City Department of Health to create an anonymous hotline for families to call and listen to vaccination safety information, speak to physician volunteers and request free in-home MMR vaccinations. A new hotline (929-4-GEZUNT) as well as the JOWMA Preventative Health Podcast features up-to-date, reliable and accurate information presented in a culturally sensitive manner, geared towards the healthcare needs of the Jewish community.

We have also launched a mentorship program where junior physicians and trainees are paired with senior physicians who share an area of interest. In January 2020, we hosted the First Annual JOWMA Symposium with over 200 Jewish female physicians and trainees in attendance from across the U.S. and Canada.

How does your Jewish identity/Jewish values influence the work that you do:

“All of Israel are responsible for one another.” I believe that we have the responsibility to provide community health education and resources to the Jewish community. I try to ensure that all of JOWMA’s conferences and networking events focus on cultivating leadership to help physicians and trainees utilize their unique talents to give back to their Jewish communities.

Formative childhood moment:

My grandfather, Dr. Richard Fine, was one of my biggest inspirations to decide to pursue a career in medicine. I remember my grandfather always asking me what I want to be when I grew up, and always telling me it was possible for me to pursue a career in medicine.

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