Looking to order Rosh Hashanah dinner in NYC? These 15 places can cater your holiday meal.


(New York Jewish Week) — Does Rosh Hashanah ever fall at the “right time”? This year the Jewish New Year falls on the weekend: The holiday begins on the evening of Friday, Sept. 15 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 17. 

Some people are thrilled about this calendrical confluence — it takes over the weekend and does not interfere with school or work. Others don’t like it for the very same reasons.

For those who strictly observe Jewish laws, there’s the added element of figuring out how or when to cook holiday meals when using the stove or oven is not permitted from sundown Friday evening until Saturday night.

Fortunately, for those who don’t have the bandwidth this year to cook a holiday meal — for whatever reason, we don’t judge! — there are several restaurants and caterers in New York City preparing Rosh Hashanah meals this year that are available for takeaway or delivery. 

Whether one is looking for a multi-course kosher dinner for the entire extended family or a few unique side dishes to round out your holiday, below are 15 spots that are preparing Rosh Hashanah meals to go this year. 

1. Ben’s Kosher Deli

Locations in Bayside, Queens and on Long Island

Ben’s Deli has a classic Ashkenazi Rosh Hashanah menu that features oldies but goodies such as brisket, turkey, mushroom barley soup and kasha varnishkes. Their package deal for six runs $259.94 and includes appetizer, soup, main course, accompaniments and sides. Dessert is extra, and you can also add on items such as stuffed cabbage and stuffed derma (or kishke)… if you have room. Takeout orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance; Ben’s closes for the duration of the holiday on Friday, Sept. 15, at 4 p.m. Kosher supervision by Conservative Rabbi Paul Plotkin.

2. Bird Dog

525 Hudson Street, West Village

Bird Dog is a Southern restaurant in the West Village specializing in homemade pasta. This year they are also offering two complete Rosh Hashanah meals for preorder: One for $175 that includes braised brisket, “sweet tea brined” chicken and a variety of sides; the other, for $190, includes lamb shanks with pomegranate, chicken, and sides. Each package feeds 4-6 people. Many of the side dishes are listed as dairy free/pareve and items can also be ordered a la carte. Local delivery available for a fee. Not kosher. 

Bird Dog

Bird Dog’s Rosh Hashanah meals include a wide variety of side dishes. (Courtesy)

3. Fairway Market

Four Manhattan locations: Chelsea, Kips Bay, Upper West Side, Upper East Side

“Like no other market,” Fairway has kosher and kosher-style menus for Rosh Hashanah, which must be ordered by Sept. 11, and are available for pickup between Sept. 13-16. The kosher-style menu ($319.99 for 10 people) features challah, gefilte fish, brisket, potato pancakes, vegetables and babka. The kosher package is priced at $349 for 8-10 people and gives you gefilte fish, chicken soup, roasted vegetables, rice and a choice of cinnamon or chocolate babka. An a la carte menu is available, too. Kosher supervision by KofK.

4. Good Shabbos by chichi eats

Award-winning chef Jasmine Einalhori and Rachel Fuchs, a hospitality professional, are the good friends and business partners behind kosher catering outfit Good Shabbos. For Rosh Hashanah, they are preparing an a la carte menu with dishes that feed 3-4 people, including honey cinnamon challah ($20); a simanim salad with apples, dates, pomegranate seeds and beets ($32); beef brisket flavored with caramelized onion, red wine, carrot and date syrup ($54); balsamic glazed chicken with pear and pink peppercorn ($36); and more. Click here to order or visit their Instagram page. Orders must be placed by Sept. 10; deliveries will be made only on Sept. 15 between noon to 5 p.m. for a fee. Kosher supervision under Rabbi Dov Yonah Korn of the Chabad House Bowery. 

A Rosh Hashanah olive oil cake is one of the treats offered by kosher caterer Good Shabbos by Chichi Eats. (Courtesy)

5. Le Marais

150 West 46th Street, Midtown

Kosher French restaurant Le Marais is offering a family-style holiday menu with, oui, a French accent. You can choose from an array of dishes that feed four people, including an endive salad ($55) or tomato and onion tart ($55) for your first course. Entrees include slow-smoked fatty smoked brisket ($125) and chicken confit ($85), and there are half a dozen side dishes to choose from and dessert. Orders must be placed by Sept. 13 at 5 p.m. Pick-up or delivery available. Kosher supervision by the Orthodox Union.

6. Liebman’s Deli

552 West 235th Street, Bronx

Liebman’s, the last Jewish deli in the Bronx, assures its customers on its old-fashioned holiday flyer that you “don’t have to make a big tzimmes just because it’s Rosh Hashanah.” That’s because they will do the cooking for you. This year, Liebman’s is offering a holiday dinner for 10-12 that costs $369.95 and includes coleslaw and pickles to start, a choice of soups, entrees that include beef goulash or stuffed cabbage, plus side dishes. Appetizers such as gefilte fish ($6.79 per piece with carrots and horseradish) and chopped liver ($18.99 a pint) are extra, as is their homemade round challah ($12.95). Orders must be in by Sept. 12, and delivery is available for an additional charge. Call (718) 548-4534. Kosher supervision is self-certified by owner Yuval Dekel and certified kosher by Rabbi Aaron Metzger of the State of New York Department of Agriculture and Markets. 

7. Mama Kitchen New York

67-25 Main Street, Queens 

Israeli eatery Mama Kitchen is an excellent option if you’re seeking something other than brisket and gefilte fish. Their Rosh Hashanah menu includes salmon filet in Moroccan sauce, salads like matbucha (a tomato and pepper stew), baba ganoush, Moroccan fried eggplant and more. Main courses run the gamut from meatballs in harissa to lamb with dried fruit and nuts or whole chicken stuffed with rice and raisins. A dinner for 6 ($850) includes a choice of six salads, one appetizer, two main courses and two side dishes; dinner for 10 ($1250) has choice of seven salads, three appetizers, three main courses and three side dishes. To place an order, text (347) 596-3702 by Sept. 10 for pickup on Sept. 14 or 15. (Note: Mama Kitchen also has a location in Brooklyn, but only the Queens location is selling the Rosh Hashanah package.) Kosher certification from Vaad HaRabonim of Queens.

8. Mile End Delicatessen

97 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Mile End Deli features Montreal Jewish foods like smoked meat and poutine (french fries and cheese curd topped with brown gravy). For Rosh Hashanah, in true Canadian fashion, you can get food sweetened with maple syrup like maple roasted carrots ($22, feeds 4-6) and hot smoked maple salmon ($16 per filet), as well as grilled za’atar chicken thighs and butternut squash soup. Order by Wednesday, Sept. 13, for pickup or delivery on Sept. 15; order by Thursday, Sept. 14 for pickup on Sept. 16. Delivery to Manhattan or Brooklyn is available for $30. Not kosher. 

Rosh hahanah brisket

Brisket is one of the Rosh Hashanah main courses available from Israeli restaurant and caterers Miriam. (Heather Willensky)

9. Miriam

Two locations: Upper West Side and Park Slope, Brooklyn

Enjoy a holiday meal catered by Miriam, a “uniquely, distinctly Israeli” restaurant with locations in two boroughs. For Rosh Hashanah 2023, the eatery is offering a $340 catering package that feeds 4-5 people and includes various mezze, soup and salad, gefilte fish, a choice of brisket or striped bass, side dishes, pita and challah, plus two desserts. Whew! Dishes can also be purchased a la carte. Pickup or delivery available between Friday, Sept. 15 and Sunday, Sept. 17. Not kosher. 

10. Modern Bread & Bagel

Two locations: Upper West Side and Chelsea

This gluten-free bakery and eatery — which serves brunch all day and a fish- and plant-based menu at night — will be preparing Rosh Hashanah specialities like honey cake ($35) and pomegranate cranberry rugelach ($18), plus savory, dairy main dishes like eggplant parmesan, baked ziti and macaroni and cheese — all are gluten-free and serves 6-8 ($59). Orders must be placed by Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 3 p.m. for pickup or delivery on Sept. 14 or 15. Kosher supervision by the International Kosher Council under Rabbi Zev Schwartz.

matzah ball soup

The Rosh Hashanah menu Upper East Side deli PJ Bernstein includes Ashkenazi classics like matzah ball soup. (Courtesy)

11. PJ Bernstein

1215 Third Avenue, Upper East Side

Upper East Side family-owned delicatessen PJ Bernstein has all the Ashkenazi classics on its Rosh Hashanah menu: matzah ball soup, gefilte fish, noodle and potato kugel, brisket. For non-meat eaters, there’s nova and whitefish, plus a host of salads. Prices range from $29.99 for a single meal, which includes a choice of brisket or roasted chicken, tzimmes, vegetables and a challah roll, or you can order a la carte with items priced the pound, including brisket carrot tzimmes ($17/pound) and fruit rugelach ($19.98/pound). Orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance; pickup and delivery is available during the restaurant’s operating hours (note that on Sept. 15 the restaurant will close at 4 p.m.). Not kosher. 

12. Simply Divine

Simply Divine is a NYC-based kosher catering company with elegant to-go meals for every major Jewish holiday. For Rosh Hashanah, their custom dinner package ($120 per person, two-person minimum) gives diners a choice of gefilte fish or salmon cakes for the fish course and Moroccan chicken, wine-braised brisket or roasted red snapper for the main. Soup is also included and there is a choice of desserts, all of which are homemade. A la carte options are also available. Order deadline is Thursday, Sept. 7. Delivery will be on Friday, Sept. 15. To place an order, contact owner Judy Marlow at (917) 553-5710 or by email at  jmarlow@simplydivine.com. Kosher supervision by National Kosher Supervision.

13. Talia’s Steakhouse and Bar

668 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side

You can prepay for your holiday meal and enjoy it in Talia’s restaurant on the Upper West Side. There are several lunch and dinner menus from which to choose, including a kids menu (chicken fingers anyone?). Dishes range from roasted Yemenite chicken to Moroccan salmon or a beef or vegetarian option; wine or liquor can also be pre-ordered. Or stay home and have all the food delivered. Prices range from $99 for lunch to a $110 or $140 per person dinner option. Kosher supervision by Avrohom Marmorstein of Mehadrin Kashrus.

14. Yura

Two locations on the Upper East Side

Yura is preparing a traditional Rosh Hashanah menu with a modern twist: first-cut brisket with a red onion brisket gravy, a cider-brined roast chicken with a “really good” hen-house gravy and jewel box rice with dried fruit and almonds. For dessert, there’s honey bundt cake and homemade apple pie. A meal-for-one is $27; al la carte items are also available, mostly sold by weight or piece. Orders must be placed by Monday, Sept. 11 at 4 p.m.. Call (212) 860-9872 to place your order. Pick up Friday, Sept. 15, between 12-4 p.m. at one of their two locations. Delivery is available to the Upper East or West Side for a fee. Not kosher. 

15. Zabar’s

2245 Broadway, Upper West Side 

Sure, you can go to the iconic New York Jewish food store in person and get swept up in the cacophony of pre-Rosh Hashanah crowds and excitement. But if you don’t have the time or patience for that, Zabar’s can ship a complete holiday dinner for six for $398. It includes chicken soup and matzah balls, chopped liver, brisket, vegetable souffle, round challah and babka. A la carte items also available. All foods arrive via overnight shipping; order from Sept. 11 onwards. Not kosher.