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  • Ruhr Jews Have Two Fights on Hand

    With the present French occupation of the Ruhr District, the Jews or the zone are fighting on two frontiers, a prominent Jew of this section declared in an interview today with the representative of the J. T. A. “In common with their German fellow-citizens the local Jews are engaged firstly in passive resistance against the… More ▸

  • Charge Ford Finances Swiss Anti-semitism

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (J. C. B.) will be glad to answer inquiries for further information about any of the news items contained in this Bulletin. A strong anti-Semitic movement, which it is alleged is being financed by Henry Ford, is under way in Switzerland. A translation of the anti-Semitic articles appearing in Ford’s Dearborn… More ▸

  • Johnson Doubts His Bill Will Pass This Session

    Chairman Johnson, father of the new House immigration bill admitted to the represent active of the J. T. A. today that it was unlikely that this bill would pass at this session of Congress. Johnson stated he is closely watching the situation and although no rule giving precedence to his measure had been granted as… More ▸

  • Hitler Wants Jews Held As Hostages

    All Jews and members of the Allied commissions in Germany should be held as hostages or expelled from Germany immediately after the occupation of the French forces. This was demanded by Adolph Hitler, leader of the Bavarian Fascisti at a secret meeting in Munich, it is learned. More ▸

  • Moon Temple May Be 7,000 Years Old

    The temple of the Moon uncovered in Ur of the Chaldees, the home of Patriarch Abraham may be between 6,000 and 7,000 years old and is probably the oldest known edifice, according to Dr. George B. Gordon, Director of the University of Pensylvania Museum. The unearthing of the structure was due to the joint efforts… More ▸

  • Jewish Actor and Wife Reported Killed

    The American Yiddish actor, Jabob Kalich and his wife, Mollie Picon, also an actress, were killed in an automobile accident, according to a letter received here from Bucharest. Kalich has been in Europe two years in company of his wife. He commenced his career as an actor in the company of Joseph Kessler in Chicago…. More ▸

  • Want Palestine Immigration Bars Down

    The Jewish Labor conference at its closing session today adopted resolutions protesting against the present immigration restrictions to Palestine. It was decided to send delegations abread to organize the “Great Aliyah” or incoming of new Jewish settlers to Palestine. The Labor conference also resolved to launch a daily newspaper devoted to the interests of Labor… More ▸

  • Residence of Zionist is Bombed

    A report from Sosnowitz states that a bomb was thrown near the home of Dr. Pearlman, a prominent Zionist of that town. The deed is attributed to the anti-Semitic Fascisti group. More ▸

  • Asquith Opposes Palestine “adventures”

    Charges that the British Government is squandering too much money in Mesopotamia and Palestine were made by the former British premier, Herbert Asquith in the course of the Commons debate on the middle east. A sum of 78 millions was spent by England in Palestine and Mesopotamia during the years 1919 and 1920, Asquith said… More ▸

  • Fascisti Leader Addresses Anti-semites

    Several thousand joined in an anti-Semitic demonstration staged here at which Richard Kunze, a leader of the Bavarian Faselsti was the chief speaker. Kunze is popularly known as “Kneupel Kunze” because of a peculiar cudgel he is said to have to have invented as a weapon against the Jews. More ▸