JTA Syndication Products

Give your readers breaking news, insightful analysis and human interest stories from the United States, Israel and around the world by subscribing to one of JTA’s syndication services. (For a list of our syndication clients, click here.)

News and Features Service
 & Photo Service

JTA is your media outlet’s source for news outside your community, and for the photographs that bring a publication or website to vivid life. Reasonable syndication rates and excellent coverage of the United States, Israel and the global Jewish world make JTA the best choice for enhancing your product and impressing your readers.

Rates vary based on circulation numbers and other factors. To learn more, please contact Lee Silverstein at 212.643.1890 or

World Report

Get a full day’s worth of news, analysis and features delivered to your inbox. Featuring the full text of all JTA articles, this daily email is geared to organizational and federation professionals, scholars, and government officials, providing timely information for informed decision making. There is a subscription fee for the World Report. Please contact Lee Silverstein at 212.643.1890 or

Customized Products

Nonprofit organizations have come to recognize the value of email newsletters. However, open rates for even the most successful non-profit newsletters rarely go above 33%. JTA can increase the effectiveness of email communications with your subscribers by delivering timely features and breaking news from JTA that complement your message.

We’ll work with you to create a customized newsletter that incorporates the style of your brand. After the template is created, our web-based content management tool lets you pick the stories that will enhance what you want to communicate – be it an important announcement or a crucial fundraising request.

To learn more, please contact Lee Silverstein at 212.643.1890 or