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US leaves UN Human Rights Council over Israel bias

US leaves UN Human Rights Council over Israel bias

The Trump administration also cited the presence of human rights abusers on the body as a factor in the departure.

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Jewish activists are helping families separated at the border

5 must-know facts about Prince William’s historic visit to Israel

Editor's Column

Editor's Column

Holocaust comparisons are muddying the immigration debate

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United States

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions says comparing US immigrant policies to Nazi acts is a ‘real exaggeration’  

“In Nazi Germany, they were keeping the Jews from leaving the country,” the U.S. attorney general said in a TV interview.

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Life & Culture

Paul Rudd

In ‘The Catcher Was a Spy,’ Paul Rudd is a Jewish baseball player turned Nazi hunter

Moe Berg played professional baseball for 15 years before working for the CIA's predecessor, participating in crucial World War II missions.

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Intense Heat Wave Causes Fires in Israel; Fields in Galilee Suffer Great Damages

Turkish Football Groups Ordered Not to Play with Israeli Teams

Israel Torpedoes American Naval Ship by Mistake; Expresses Deep Regret

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Israel & Middle East

Prince William

Prince William’s itinerary puts Jerusalem in ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’

The Cabinet member in charge of the city has called on the royal's staff to change the language before the prince's upcoming official visit.

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From 70 Faces Media

3 Ways For Intersectional Feminism To Include Jewish Women

This Map Shows the Best Jewish Deli in Every State

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Norwegian rapper curses Jews at concert celebrating diversity

The Oslo Jewish community's leader has threatened a police complaint if Kaveh Kholardi does not apologize for his remark at a city-sponsored event.

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