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  • Palestine Government Refuses to Defer King’s Fete

    On Saturday, June 2nd, the birthday of King George V was officially celebrated here. As the King’s birthday (June 2) was on Sunday, the Jewish population made representations to the government asking that the celebration be postponed to Monday so that the Jews should be able to participate. Last year the King’s birthday coincided with… More ▸

  • Zangwill Comes to Address Jewish Congress Session

    Nathan Straus, President of American Jewish Congress announces that Israel Zangwill, the noted English Jewish novelist, playwright and essayist, has accepted an invitation to deliver the chief address before the next session of the Congress which will be held on October 14th and delegates to which are now being elected in different communities of the… More ▸

  • Varied Group from Here to Settle in Palestine

    A number of business men, farmers, one nurse and representatives of several other professions, are leaving aboard the SS Asia today for Palestine, where they plan to settle. The group includfs Jacob Maze of New York, a farm scientist who will join the agricultural station of the Zionist Executive; S. Kasle, of Toledo, a business… More ▸

  • Samuel Issues Report on Elections

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency will be glad to answer inquiries for further information about any of the news items contained in this Bulletin No property qualification will be required for the exercise of suffrage in Palestine, Sir Herbert Samuel, the High commissioner of Palestine, declares in his report today, on the recent Legislative Council elections…. More ▸

  • All Arab Members of Legislative Council Resign

    All of the Arab members of the Palestine Legislative Council today advised Sir Herbert Samuel that they will resign if the government does not publish a statement, announcing that the establishment of the Council does not imply the acknowledgement of the Balfour Declaration. More ▸

  • News Brief

    Newspapers here report that all of the Arab members of the Palestine Legislative Council have resigned. More ▸

  • British Cavalry Arrive O Hunt Bandits

    British cavalry has arrived in Mettulah to hunt the bandits who ambushed and killed five of the British gendarmes escorting Sir Herbert Samuel. One village in the bandit district has been burned already and more will meet the same fate until the bandits surrender, it is believed. More ▸

  • Scores Die in Arab Feuds

    A seemingly endless series of feuds is raging between Arab tribes located between the provinces of Aleppo and Hama, in French Syria. Scores of villages are reported to have been virtually wiped out. Approximately 100 Arabs are reported to have been slain in recent clashes. More ▸

  • Demand Action Against Slayers of Jews

    The Jews of Wegrow are mourning today the death of Isaac Pagura and Lazar Lass, who were murdered by a Polish captain and his four soldiers as they were innocently riding in an omnibus from Sokolow to Wegrow. The Jewish residents of the town have called a mass meeting to protest the indifference of the… More ▸

  • 300 Jews Arrested For, Staying in Danzig

    Government agents swooped down upon the Jewish quarter yesterday and arrested 300 Jewish immigrants charged with illegally residence in Danzig. Attempts have been made to have the arrested released on bail until their court hearing, but thus far they have been unsuccessful and the 300 are still in the custody of the Free City officials. More ▸