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  • Jewish War Orphans Greet U.S. Ambassador

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A message of congratulations to the United States of America was presented to the United States Ambassador Stetson on behalf of the Jewish war orphans in Poland. The message was presented on the occasion of the celebration of the sesquicentennial of American independence, by a delegation representing the Society for the Care… More ▸

  • Training School for Jewish Social Work Begins Second Session

    The Training School for Jewish Social Work in New York City, initiated by the National Conference of Jewish Social Service in 1925, began its second session on July 6th. The Admissions Committee, of which Dr. Lee K. Frankel is Chairman, announced that ten fellowships were awarded by the School as a result of a competitive… More ▸

  • Rikabi Pasha to Get Post in Palestine Government

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Rikabi Pasha, former Prime Minister of Transjordania, will be appointed general inspector of the government offices in Palestine and Transjordania, according to reports in the Arab press today. This appointment is said to be in compensation for his loss of the Transjordanian premiership. More ▸

  • Our Daily News Letter

    (By Our London Correspondent) New and interesting facts regarding the conquest of Palestine during the World War, are told by Field Marshall Sir William Robertson in his book “Soldiers and Statesmen,” which will soon be published. “Impatient to present the country with a dazzling success, the new Mr. Lloyd George’s War Cabinet had been in… More ▸

  • Lord Birkenhead Praises Jewish Contribution to Anglo-saxon Civilization

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The amount of $250,000 was raised for the benefit of the Jewish orphanage in London at a dinner given here last night at which the Marquis of Reading presided. Lord Birkenhead, Lord Neville, Austen Chamberlain and Sir Alfred Mond were among the speakers. Mr. Bernard Baron, well known Jewish philanthropist, completed the… More ▸

  • British Campaign for $250,000 for Poland and Russia is Launched

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service) A campaign to raise £50,000 for the immediate relief of the suffering Jews in Poland and the Ukraine was decided upon by the Council of the Federation of Jewish Relief Organizations in Great Britain. Dr. D. Jochelman, who presided, said that the Federation. owing to lack of funds, was not… More ▸

  • Salt Lake City Prohibits Display of Klan’s Cross

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) The Ku Klux Klan has experienced another setback here. Public Safety Commissioner Burton’s attention having been called to the fiery cross, emblem of the Order. on the northeast bench the other night, the Commissioner ordered its removal after getting the sanction for this step from the other commissioners. A new formal resolution… More ▸

  • Beersheba-jaffa Territory Has Oil, Experts Declare

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The area from Beersheba to Jaffa contains a wealth of petroleum, according to the opinion of experts made known today following the finding of oil in the village Sakia near Jaffa. The discovery was made when a well 150 meters deep was dug in an orange grove belonging to an Arab, Michael… More ▸

  • Congressman Holaday Claims Quota Immigration Beneficial to Jews

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) Admitting that “even in America anti-Semitism has undoubtedly gained ground within the last few years,” but nevertheless contending that “there is little prejudice in the United States against any particular man because of his racial blood and that what may at times appear to be a racial prejudice is only the manifestation… More ▸

  • Julius M. Kahn of Chicago is Elected President of I.o. B. B. District No. 6

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) Julius M. Kahn of Chicago. former First Vice-President, was elected President of the District Grand Lodge No. 6 of the Independent Order B’nai Brith, at its fifty-eighth annual convention in session here. More than 600 delegates, including 100 women, are attending the convention. Discussion of means of combating anti-Jewish activities formed a… More ▸