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  • News Brief

    The action of the Palestine government in rejecting the application of Sholom Schwartzbard to enter Palestine was lauded by the “Deutsch More ▸

  • Senate Committee Takes Up National Origins Question in Executive Session

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) An executive session of the Senate Committee on Immigration will be held today, Senator Johnson, chairman of the committee announced. The purpose of the session is to consider the attitude to be taken by the committee with respect to the national origins provision of the Immigration Act of 1924 which may be… More ▸

  • Conference on Further Jewish Colonization in Ukraine to Be Held Soon

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) An all-Ukrainian conference on the question of Jewish colonization will be held shortly in accordance with a decision of the Central Committee of National Minorities in Russia. The conference will take up the matter of the further extension of the colonization work and state aid for it. Two more autonornous Jewish regions… More ▸

  • Warfare with Wahabis is Pushed into Desert; Ur of the Chaldees British Base

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Ur of the Chaldees, the birthplace of Abraham the Patriarch, was made the base for aeroplane operations of the British Air Force in the move to ward off the attack of the Wahabis on Iraq, Koweit and Transjordania. Almost all of the Squadrons of the air force are out in the field…. More ▸

  • Tunis Government Lifts Ban on Football Games

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The ban against football matches throughout the country, issued as a result of anti-Jewish disturbances arising out of the successive victories of the Jewish football team, was lifted today. The government permitted a match between a French team and the Tunis eleven. More ▸

  • German Court Punishes Apostate for Using Term ‘jew’ As Insult to Gentile

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Landesgerichtsrat Gellin, a baptized Jew, was sentenced by the Breslau court to pay a fine of 5,000 Marks or imprisonment for eighty days for employing the term “Jew” as an insult. Herr Gellin, in a dispute with Deputy Herrmann, a Christian, in a public place, hurled at him: “Swindling Jew.” More ▸

  • Cohen, British Jewish Philanthropist, Dies

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Rex David Cohen, son of the late mayor of Liverpool, died yesterday at Cannes, word was received here. Mr. Cohen was well known for his many philanthropies, having recently donated £ 10,000 for cancer research. More ▸

  • Education Association to Abolish Annual Drives, Board Meeting Decides

    A committee of one hundred of the Jewish Education Association in New York will attempt to eliminate the annual drive for funds which the association has conducted since its organization six years ago, according to plans adopted at a meeting of the board of directors. The committee will undertake to place its finances on a… More ▸