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  • Rabbi Schneursohn, Talmud Scholar, Dead

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Rabbi Scheur Salman Schneursohn of Ciechanowiec, noted Talmudic scholar, died in that city yesterday. He was 72 years old. Rabbi Schneursohn, who was a member of the famous Chassidic rabbinical family by that name, was widely known as a Talmudic authority. More ▸

  • Proposes Matrimonial Agency to Counteract Intermarriage in Germany

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) In an attempt to combat the decreasing number of Jewish marriages and the growing number of mixed marriages, Professor Hanauer of Frankfurt has put forward a proposal for the establishment of a Jewish Matrimonial Agency. According to his plan, the agency would extend all over Germany. It would have a fund out… More ▸

  • Find Valuable Deposits in Kalinindorf Region

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Valuable deposits were discovered by a commission of the Ort in the Kalinindorf region. The deposits are marl and dolomite, used in the manufacture of cement. The construction of a million dollar cement works employing 400 is planned. The cement manufactured will be sufficient to supply all of the Ukraine. More ▸

  • Bequeaths $27,000 for the Zionist Funds

    The Jewish National Fund and the Zionist Organization of America will receive the amount of $27,700, by the will of the late Hirsh G. Kliatscho of Brooklyn, N. Y. filed for probate. Ten thousand dollars will go to the National Fund and $17,700 to the Zionist Organization. The residue of the estate of $47,690 will… More ▸

  • Jewish Political Attitude Toward Pilsudski Program Undergoes Radical Change

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A radical turn in the course of Jewish political attitude toward the Pilsudski government was registered at today’s plenary session of the Club of Jewish Deputies, which embraces those Jewish deputies who were elected on the tickets of the bloc of national minorities and Zionist groups. Deputy Isaac Gruenbaum, advocate of the… More ▸

  • J. D. B. News Letter

    (By our Columbus Correspondent) The annual convention of District Grand Lodge No. 2 of the I. O. B. B. concluded here with the election of Isidore Feibleman of Indianapolis, as president. Other officers chosen were: Samuel I. Seivers, first vice-president; Leonard H. Freiberg, of Cincinnati, second vice-president and also reelected secretary, and William Ornstein, of… More ▸

  • Jewish Senator Charges Count Teleki with Inciting Anti-jewish Excesses

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) An interesting trial which promises to reveal the motives and origins of the recent anti-Jewish excesses in the Hungarian universities will take place soon, as the result of a decision by the court of the Hungarian Senate. The court decided to lift the immunity guaranteed to members of the Upper Chamber, and… More ▸

  • New York Grew More in Last 25 Years Than in Century Before; Due to Jews

    Under the influence of the Russian Jew in business, New York City has grown more in the last twenty-five years than the preceding century or more, declared Joseph P. Day, real estate operator, before the monthly meeting of the New York Board of Trade and Transportation. Beginning with the Indians, Mr. Day named seven major… More ▸

  • Agency Commissioners Meet Zionist Executive in Extraordinary Session

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The Commissioners of the Non-Partisan Palestine Survey Commission attended an extraordinary meeting of the Zionist Executive held here this afternoon. The meeting was devoted to economic questions. Dr. Arthur Ruppin and Harry Sacher, member of the Jerusalem Executive, who arrived in London last night, were present at the meeting. It was stated… More ▸

  • German Pay Tribute to Claude Montefiore English Liberal Leader

    (J.T.A. Mail Service) A special issue to observe the seventieth birthday of Claude G. Montefiore, was published by the "Juedisch-Liberale Zeitung," containing articles by Herr Heinrich Stern, the President of the Federation of Liberal Jews in Germany, Dr. Leo Baeck, President of the Union of Rabbis in Germany, and Miss Lily Montague, Honorary Secretary of… More ▸