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  • Hadassah Convention Presents Platform for Zionist Reform

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) –The platform adopted by the National Board of Hadassah, calling for the establishment of a commission form of government for the Zionist Organization of America, the election of a body of seven administrators, none of whom is to receive a salary from Zionist sources and the appointment by the Administrative Committee of… More ▸

  • Palestine Question to Come Before Labor International in Brussels

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A meeting of German socialists, held under the auspices of the Poale Zion, Zionist labor party, heard Emil Vandervelde, Belgian Socialist leader, on his impressions following his recent visit to Palestine. Ways of supporting the Palestine work will be considered by the Second International Labor Congress in Brussels. Among those present were… More ▸

  • Pro-falasha Committee Formed in Palestine

    (J. T. A. Mail Service) The formation of a Palestine organization to establish contact with the primitive Jews in Abyssinia, Heibar, in Nejd, where it is said there is a Nomadic tribe of Jews, and in other places, was decided on at a dinner given in Tel Aviv by Dr. Hausner, the commercial representative of… More ▸

  • Central Conference of Rabbis Advocates Industrial Reforms

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) A thorough study in the life and problems of the laboring class with the desire to better their home and working conditions was the feature of yesterday’s session of the Central Conference of American Rabbis at the Hotel Shoreland, when Rabbi Edward L. Israel of Baltimore, presented the report of the Social… More ▸

  • International Press Ex-hibit Displays Jewish Art

    (J. T. A. Mail Service) An exhibition of the work of modern Jewish artists in various countries has been arranged at the Jewish section of the International Press Exhibition here. Among the artists showing are Professor Max Liebermann, Professor Leonid Pasternak, Professor Henry Glicenstein and his son Emanuel Glicenstein. Lesser Ury, Hermann Struck, Marc Chagall,… More ▸

  • To Combat Boycott Against Jewish Workers

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) An organized fight against the boycott of Jewish workers practiced by certain banks in Germany and firms established by Jews is urged by the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. The Reichsbank, the Bank of Frankfurt and other banks employ no Jews, nor do many well known firms established… More ▸

  • Hungarian Pro-palestine Committee Holds Session

    (J. T. A. Mail Service) The Hungarian Pro-Palestine Organization held its first annual conference here yesterday under the chairmanship of Councillor Karl Baracs and Chief Rabbi Dr. Imanuel Loew, representative of the Jewish Faith in the Upper House. Councillor Baracs was re-elected president, and new Praesidium includes Councillor Franz Szekely, Baron Adolf Kohner, president of… More ▸

  • European Press Comments on Report of Jewish Agency Commission

    Opinions Vary Along Party Lines; English Papers Divided (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The Anglo-Jewish press commented in its issues of today on the report of the Jewish Agency Commission. The editorial of the “Jewish Guardian,” entitled “A Great Survey,” declares that the Commission’s report is a document demanding the most serious attention of all Jews concerned… More ▸

  • Missionary School Has 98% Jewish Pupils

    (J. T. A. Mail Service) The conversionists in Hungary are extremely active in the last few months. The “Magyar Sion,” which they recentlyy published as their organ, is conducting a very vigorous propaganda. The editor of the paper is an ex-Jewish teache, who was some time ago sentenced to a year’s imprisonment for his out-spoken… More ▸