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  • Students Attack Jews on Roumanian Train

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A group or Roumanian theological students attacked a number of Jewish passengers on the train from Jassy to Kishineff, a report from Bucharest states. The rioters were arrested at the Ungheni station and arraigned before the District Attorney of Jassy. More ▸

  • Communities in Southern Jugo-slavia Organize

    (J. T. A. Mail Service) The Sephardic Jewish communities in the southern parts of ugo-Slavia, South Serbia and Serbian Macedonia, which have until now been practically isolated from the rest of the Jewish world, are being linked up with the more advanced and organised Jewry of Jugo-Slavia, following a conference of Jewish leaders from Belgrade,… More ▸

  • Sentence Pogrom Leaders to Death

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Thirteen former members of the pogrom band of Ataman Shepel were sentenced by the district court of Proskurow. Four were sentenced to death, and nine to from one to ten years imprisonment. More ▸

  • Announce Further Gifts to Rosenwald Fund

    A subscription of $25,000 by Ben Selling, of Portland, Oregon, to the $10,000,000 being raised for Jewish farm settlement work in Russia, was announced last night by James N. Rosenberg, chairman of the American Jewish Joint Agricultural Corporation. “The growing response throughout the country to Julius Rosenwald’s challenging subscription of $5,000,000 is evidenced by voluntary… More ▸

  • Palestine Communists Send Anti Zionist Memorandum to the Arab Congress

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A memorandum presented to the Arab Congress by Palestine Jewish Communists is published today in the Arab press. The Communists, who term themselves non-partisans, urge in theirmemorandum an “Arab fight against Zionism as the worst enemy of the Arabs and the Jews. The Jews have no more right in Palestine than the… More ▸

  • Form Christian Committee for U. P. A.

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) A committee composed of Los Angeles citizens voluntarily formed the American Christian Fund for the United Jewish Appeal to raise $200,000. This committee is headed by Edwin A. Meserve. Community Chest officer, chairman: Dr. E. P. Ryland and Father Lucy, vice-chairman. Justice Joseph M. Proskauer may resign from the Supreme bench in… More ▸

  • Hadassah Convention Presents Platform for Zionist Reform

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) –The platform adopted by the National Board of Hadassah, calling for the establishment of a commission form of government for the Zionist Organization of America, the election of a body of seven administrators, none of whom is to receive a salary from Zionist sources and the appointment by the Administrative Committee of… More ▸

  • Palestine Question to Come Before Labor International in Brussels

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) A meeting of German socialists, held under the auspices of the Poale Zion, Zionist labor party, heard Emil Vandervelde, Belgian Socialist leader, on his impressions following his recent visit to Palestine. Ways of supporting the Palestine work will be considered by the Second International Labor Congress in Brussels. Among those present were… More ▸

  • Pro-falasha Committee Formed in Palestine

    (J. T. A. Mail Service) The formation of a Palestine organization to establish contact with the primitive Jews in Abyssinia, Heibar, in Nejd, where it is said there is a Nomadic tribe of Jews, and in other places, was decided on at a dinner given in Tel Aviv by Dr. Hausner, the commercial representative of… More ▸