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  • Unmasked Missionary Seeks Rabbinic Post

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Claiming that he can prove he never was a Christian, Stanislaw Tillinger, alias Judah Elfenbein, who had posed as a rabbi in New York and was unmasked as a missionary in March 1923, has asked rehabilitation by the Austrian Zionist Executive, in order, he stated, that he may return to America and… More ▸

  • League of Nations Union Sees Improvement of Jewish Position in Roumania

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The International Union of League of Nations Societies at their session held at The Hague noted permanent improvement in the Jewish situation in Roumania, as well as the condemnation by the Roumanian government and public of the Transylvanian outrages, an announcement issued by the Orient Radio, official news agency states. The announcement… More ▸

  • New York and Philadelphia Hebrew School Children on Liberty Bell Pilgrimage

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) Two thousand Jewish children representing the Hebrew schools of New York and Philadelphia made a pilgrimage to the Liberty Bell yesterday in celebration of Independence Day. The pilgrimage to the Liberty Bell was undertaken under the auspices of the Jewish Education Association of New York and the Associated Talmud Torahs of Philadelphia…. More ▸

  • Entire Administration of Chalutz Colony in Russia Imprisoned

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The entire administration, including the chairman, of the Chalutz colony Mishmar, in the Jankoy region, were arrested by the Soviet secret police. They have been imprisoned at Simferopol. Thirty colonists have been arrested during the past few weeks and exiled to Narym, Siberia. The secret police has been raiding the colony at… More ▸

  • Zionist Administration Headed by Louis Lipsky Elected at Final Session

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) Swept by emotion bordering on hero worship, a majority of the delegates to the thirty-first annual convention of the Zionist Organization of America, ignoring the opposition charges and overlooking the recommendations of the judges’ committee, returned to office the Zionist administration, with slight modifications, headed by Louis Lipsky as president. The presidential… More ▸

  • Professor A. A. Michelson Ill in Chicago Hospital

    (Jewish Daily Bulletin) Professor Albert A. Michelson of the University of Chicago, noted scientist is ill at the Albert Merritt Billings Hospital, where he was taken a week ago, it was learned today. Professor Michelson, who is 75 years old, is being treated for anemia and digestive trouble. His condition is reported as showing steady… More ▸

  • Sobernheim Named German Consul General in Naples

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Professor Moritz Sobernheim was appointed Acting Consul General in Naples by the German Foreign Office. This is stated to be the first instance of a German Jew being given a high position in the foreign diplomatic service. More ▸

  • Opposition Leaders Comment on Outcome of Zionist Convention

    Robert Szold, Jacob de Haas and Mrs. Robert Szold when interviewed by the representative of the Jewish Daily Bulletin on the outcome of the Pittsburgh convention, said: Mr. Szold: “The results, purpose and temper of the Zionist convention have been made public. If the known facts do not speak out loudly enough to be heard… More ▸

  • £15,590 Raised for Balfour Forest Fund at London Dinner

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Subscriptions amounting to £15,590 were made toward the Balfour Forest fund, at a dinner held in the Guild Hall here. The Lord Mayor of London was among the 700 distinguished guests, including Lord Birkenhead, Lord Melchet, the Marquis of Reading, Sir Herbert Samuel, James Rothschild, Col. George S. Symes and Major Shuckburg… More ▸