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  • News Brief

    A stand against a bill introduced in parliament by the Minister of Religions, which would effect changes in the religious law, will be taken at a conference called for today of Jewish communities in Old Roumania. The call to the conference was issued by telegram to the various communities. At the conference, two non-Zionist representatives… More ▸

  • Brainin Protests Against Palestine Hebrew Writers’ Adverse Pronouncement

    Reuben Brainin, veteran Hebrew writer and Zionist, cabled his protest against a recent adverse pronouncement issued against him at a conference of Hebrew writers in Tel Aviv, under the chairmanship of Chaim Nachman Bialik. In a cablegram from South Africa, where he is now traveling in the interests of the Russian colonization fund, Mr. Brainin… More ▸

  • Fine Jew for Defense Against Student Rioters

    A fine of 200 pengoes was imposed upon the Jewish merchant, Arnold Vidor, because he participated in the defense measures of Jewish students during last year’s anti-Semitic student excesses. The State Attorney appealed to the court for a milder sentence. Consideration should be given to the Jewish merchant’s state of mind when he saw his… More ▸

  • Central Conference Opens Detroit Session

    That the separation of the Jew from his religion would bring about his destruction as a people, was the declaration made by Dr. H. G. Enclow, rabbi of Temple Emanu-EI, New York City, president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, in his message before the fortieth annual convention of that body here. Despite the… More ▸

  • Says Poland Tries to Satisfy Jewish Cultural Demands; Economic Question Delicate

    Polish Jewry is a reliable, loyal minority, with whom the government can easily arrive at a cordial agreement, was the statement made by Foreign Minister Zaleski, who is now visiting Portugal, in an interview with the representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The Jews in Poland have no territorial demands nor do they carry on… More ▸

  • Fete Hias Director Before His Departure to U.S.

    Dr. James Bernstein, who has for the past five years directed the European work of the Hias, Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America, will leave for the United States. Jewish writers and communal workers gathered last night at a reception in honor of Dr. Bernstein and Mrs. Bernstein. More ▸

  • Committee Named to Effect Official Opening of New Jewish Region

    The Zaporozhje District Soviet appointed a committee to prepare for the official opening of the new Jewish region in that district, in line with the proclamation of the government to establish there a Jewish region, similar to Kalinindorf, with New Zlatopol as the center. Hopes for a good crop this season in the Zaporozhje and… More ▸

  • George M. Lipman Elected Pacific Coast Bnai Brith President

    George M. Lipman of San Francisco was elected president of District Grand Lodge No. 4. Independent Order B’nai Brith, at the concluding session of its sixth annual convention held at the Hotel Oakland here. Mr. Lipman succeeds Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin. Rabbi Samuel Koch of Seattle was chosen first vice-president; Sig Lipman of Los Angeles,… More ▸

  • Student Riots Occur at Munich University

    A turbulent situation developed in the University here, leading to anti-Jewish agitation, when the nationalist students started an attack on the liberal and socialistic students. The cause for the trouble was said to be the removal of a Swastika sign, emblem of the Hakenkreuz organization, from a wreath placed on the hearse at a funeral… More ▸

  • Schreiber Denies Comparing Himself to Lindy

    Arthur Schreiber, “Yellow Bird” stowaway, arrived on the “Leviathan” where he was met by his father Maurice R. Schreiber of Portland, Me. Newspaper reporters surrounded him, firing many questions. “It is untrue that I ever compared myself to Lindbergh or that I considered myself a hero. The reports in the newspapers to this effect are… More ▸