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  • General Freieredandrade Friend of Zionism, Dies

    General Freiredandrade, former Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, died here at the age of 70. The Portuguese statesman was a member of the Permanent Mandates. Commission of the League of Nations and in 1926 acted as Rapporteur on the Palestine Mandate. He was known for his attitude toward the Jewish people and for his sympathetic… More ▸

  • 2 More American Non-zionist Members Named to Agency Council

    Felix M. Warburg, chairman of the Non-Zionist Committee of Seven on the Jewish Agency, prior to his departure for Europe, Friday, on the steamer Majestic, announced the names of two additional American non-Zionist members to the Jewish Agency Council. They are Judge Henry Horner of Chicago and James Davis of Chicago, brother of Major General… More ▸

  • Attacks Vilna Kehillah Council Head at Session

    The angry gestures of a member of the Vilna Kehillah Council in an argument with the Council President, Dr. Wygodski, led to an attack on the president which might have had a serious outcome. During an argument between Dr. Wygodski and an Agudist member of the Council, Schick, editor of the journal, “Dos Wort,” Schick… More ▸

  • Mortimer Schiff Gives $50,000 to British Scouts

    Mortimer L. Schiff, who is vice-president of the American Boy Scouts’ Association, presented his check for $50,000 to the Prince of Wales for further development of the British Boy Scout movement. Mr. Schiff made his gift at the Boy Scouts’ jamboree which is being held at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead. Mr. Schiff recently gave $50,000 to… More ▸

  • J.d. B. News Letter

    Recognition for Salmon O. Levinson, Chicago Jewish lawyer, as the real hero in the achievement for world peace through the Kellogg-Briand treaty is urged in the current issue of “The Christian Century” published here. The paper writes: “At the moment when President Hoover is proclaiming the legal effectiveness of the Kellogg pact, and justly honoring… More ▸

  • Jabotinsky, Kisch and Lipsky to Go to London on Wailing Wall Question

    An impressive scene was enacted at the Zionist Congress in session here today when the delegates adopted, by a rising vote, a resolution introduced by the Political Committee dealing with the Wailing Wall question. Nahum Sokolow, in behalf of the Executive, accepted the resolution. The resolution called for the despatch of a special commission to… More ▸

  • Mass Meeting in Cologne Condemns Ritual Murder Agitation

    A mass meeting to protest against the ritual murder agitation conducted in newspapers under the editorship of Deputy Ley was held here under the auspices of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. A large Christian audience was present. Attempts by the members of the anti-Semitic National Socialist Party to prevent the… More ▸

  • Bernhard Baron, Famous Jewish Millionaire, Philanthropist, Dies

    Bernhard Baron, the Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe who rose from a cigar bench in a New York factory to become a leading manufacturer and distributor in the British tobacco industry, and one of the world’s leading millionaire philanthropists for Jewish and nonsectarian causes, died early this morning at his home in Brighton, England. He… More ▸

  • Sephardic Jews Ask More Consideration in Palestine

    A protest against the negative attitude of the Zionist Executive towards the demands of the Sephardic Jewish community in Palestine was contained in a cablegram of greetings sent to the Zionist Congress in Zurich by the World Sephardic Confederation, with headquarters in Jerusalem. The Sephardic Confederation did not send delegates to the Congress, the protest… More ▸