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  • Plenary Sessions Resumed at World Zionist Congress in Zurich

    Continuing the general debate the Sixteenth Zionist Congress resumed its plenary sessions on Friday noon. Mr. Harry Sacher, member of the Zionist Executive in Jerusalem since 1927, Dr. Alfred Klee, Zionist leader of Berlin and member of the Ica council as well as the delegate from Morocco, Tourz, were the first speakers. Mr. Sacher defended… More ▸

  • Judge Abram Ellenbogen Dies at Age of 46

    Municipal Court Judge Abram Ellenbogen died on Thursday at Lake Placid, New York, where he had gone to recuperate from an illness. He was 46 years old. In 1919 he was elected to the bench of the Fifth District Municipal Court for four years and in 1923 re-elected for ten years. Born in Troy, N…. More ▸

  • News Brief

    The possibility that the sessions of the Sixteenth Zionist Congress will be prolonged beyond the original ten days was seen when the Congress, holding no plenary session in deference to the Swiss National Day, faced the perplexities it usually encounters when the question of composing a new Executive comes up. The situation became complicated when… More ▸

  • Louis B. Mayer Refuses Turkish Ambassadorship

    The White House today confirmed that Louis B. Mayer, motion picture magnate, declined to accept a diplomatic post or any other appointment to public office because his present business interests would not permit it. It is understood. Mr. Mayer, who is now a guest at the White House, was offered the post of United States… More ▸

  • General Freieredandrade Friend of Zionism, Dies

    General Freiredandrade, former Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, died here at the age of 70. The Portuguese statesman was a member of the Permanent Mandates. Commission of the League of Nations and in 1926 acted as Rapporteur on the Palestine Mandate. He was known for his attitude toward the Jewish people and for his sympathetic… More ▸

  • 2 More American Non-zionist Members Named to Agency Council

    Felix M. Warburg, chairman of the Non-Zionist Committee of Seven on the Jewish Agency, prior to his departure for Europe, Friday, on the steamer Majestic, announced the names of two additional American non-Zionist members to the Jewish Agency Council. They are Judge Henry Horner of Chicago and James Davis of Chicago, brother of Major General… More ▸

  • Attacks Vilna Kehillah Council Head at Session

    The angry gestures of a member of the Vilna Kehillah Council in an argument with the Council President, Dr. Wygodski, led to an attack on the president which might have had a serious outcome. During an argument between Dr. Wygodski and an Agudist member of the Council, Schick, editor of the journal, “Dos Wort,” Schick… More ▸

  • Mortimer Schiff Gives $50,000 to British Scouts

    Mortimer L. Schiff, who is vice-president of the American Boy Scouts’ Association, presented his check for $50,000 to the Prince of Wales for further development of the British Boy Scout movement. Mr. Schiff made his gift at the Boy Scouts’ jamboree which is being held at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead. Mr. Schiff recently gave $50,000 to… More ▸

  • J.d. B. News Letter

    Recognition for Salmon O. Levinson, Chicago Jewish lawyer, as the real hero in the achievement for world peace through the Kellogg-Briand treaty is urged in the current issue of “The Christian Century” published here. The paper writes: “At the moment when President Hoover is proclaiming the legal effectiveness of the Kellogg pact, and justly honoring… More ▸