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  • Report Orthodox Secede from Vilna Kehillah

    The Orthodox group in the Jewish community of Vilna has decided to secede from the Kehillah and to establish an independent Orthodox community, states a dispatch received here by the Jewish daily “Moment.” This decision followed a stormy session between Orthodox leaders and the Kehillah council, the Orthodox representatives criticizing the attitude of the majority… More ▸

  • J. D. B. News Letter

    Should religious convictions play a role in the court room? Should rejection of the idea of punishment after death be regarded as depriving a man’s oath of its credibility? Should persons disavowing belief in a Supreme being be barred from testifying? These curious but highly important questions heave been occupying the attention of the citizens… More ▸

  • Six Jews Elected to Czechoslovakia Parliament

    Six Jews were elected as members of the Czechoslovakian parliament in the general elections just concluded in the country. Two were elected on the ticket of the Jewish National Party which formed a bloc with the Polish party. They are Dr. Ludwig Singer, president of the Jewish National Council of Czechoslovakia, and Dr. Julius Reisz… More ▸

  • Halsmann Defense Warned Schober of Conviction Due to Innsbruck Hostility

    The defense in the case of Philip Halsmann, whose sentence to four years’ imprisonment on the charge of patricide has aroused public opinion in the country, repeatedly made representations to the Minister of Justice and to Prime Minister Johann Schober warning them that if the re-trial was held in Innsbruck, Halsmann would again be convicted… More ▸

  • Jew Wounded by Arab Lamplighter

    Isaac Mizrachi was slightly wounded early this morning on the Jaffa Road when a Moslem lamplighter fired at him. Arrest of the assailant is expected. More ▸

  • Plan Second Montreal Jewish Hospital

    A request that the City of Montreal furnish a site for another hospital was made by a delegation headed by Joseph Cohen, representing the Jewish Incurable Hospital and the Hebrew Consumptive Aid. The aim of the institution is to build another Jewish hospital in addition to the general hospital already provided for, which would be… More ▸

  • Find Ukraine Officials Obstructed Orders to Aid Declassed Jews

    Reluctance to carry out the industrialization plans of the Ukrainian Commissariat of Public Works with regard to the declassed Jews, was found among the officials in the provinces by a Government Inspection Commission. The Commission established that the orders of the Sovnarkom with regard to helping the declassed Jews was considered unimportant by most of… More ▸

  • Argentine Jewish Settlers Send for Their Families

    Progress in the new Jewish settlements in Argentine is seen by the fact that many of the settlers are sending for their families. From July 1st, 1928 to June 30th, 1929. 3,375 of the new settlers sent 168,590 pesos ($76,000) to their wives and children in Europe. In addition they are buying steamship tickets on… More ▸

  • Form Company to Buy Land As J. N. F. Gift

    A company has been formed in Italy under the name of “The Land,” with the object of buying land in Palestine for the plantation of orange groves. The land which the company will buy will be presented as a gift to the Jewish National Fund, with the condition that it be leased on the usual… More ▸