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  • 2 Jailed for Handing out Communist Propaganda

    Bluma Marbum and Haya Lipson were arrested here yesterday for disseminating Communist proclamations. They were sentenced to four months imprisonment. When they have served their sentences, they will be deported. More ▸

  • League Opposed to Anti-semitism Convention in Paris Now in Session

    Sessions of the League Opposed to Anti-Semitism opened here today. The morning sitting was devoted to technical questions and the acknowledgment of greetings, especially one from the Paris municipality. Eighty-nine delegates, mostly from Paris, are in attendance. The afternoon session heard reports from the various sections and a general debate. Bernard Le Cache, executive chairman,… More ▸

  • Grand Mufti to Give Version of Responsibility for Outbreaks

    The British community in Palestine is greatly concerned over the decision of the Inquiry Commission to visit the house of the Mufti and to take his evidence in secret, says the Jerusalem correspondent of the “Daily Mail.” It is felt that this action lowers the prestige of Great Britain and places the Commissioners and the… More ▸

  • Dr. Leon Reich, Noted Polish Jewish Leader, Dead at Fifty-one

    At the funeral today of Dr. Leon Reich, notable leader of Polish Jewry and one of the pioneer Zionists of Poland, government officials, Jewish leaders and representatives of the many Jewish organizations with which he was affiliated and in whose service he dedicated most of his life paid a last tribute to one of the… More ▸

  • Parliament Studies University Problem

    The question of the universities was discussed today by a financial committee of Parliament. The minister educator condemned the recent anti-Semitic disorders and promised to establish quiet. The Socialist deputies opposed the claims of the anti-Semites that aliens are over-running Austrian universities. The Socialists presented figures to prove that alien students comprise only 17 per… More ▸

  • News Brief

    H. C. Luke. Chief Secretary of the Palestine Government, and principal target of the criticism leveled against the Palestine administration for its weakness during the August riots, will leave on Wednesday for a vacation. He will be away for five months. More ▸

  • News Brief

    A special meeting of the Zionist Central Committee was convoked in order to honor the memory of Dr. Reich. The Polish section of the Jewish Agency also gathered to mourn his death. A message issued by the Zionist Executive states that the Jewish people suffered a great loss in the decease of a great fighter… More ▸

  • Denies Report Jewish Beggar Inherited Million

    The United States Consul denies the report recently published in newspapers here regarding the inheritance which a Jewish beggar. Feingold, was reported to have received from a brother in Texas. More ▸

  • Warsaw Kehillah Head Clarifies Subsidies Stand

    The executive of the Kehillah, referring to the recent report regarding the decision not to extend subsidies to the Yiddish schools, has made public the exact wording of the resolution, which reads that “subsidies should be extended only to such schools where instruction in the Torah is given while the pupils wear their hats.” This… More ▸