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  • Warsaw Kehillah Head Clarifies Subsidies Stand

    The executive of the Kehillah, referring to the recent report regarding the decision not to extend subsidies to the Yiddish schools, has made public the exact wording of the resolution, which reads that “subsidies should be extended only to such schools where instruction in the Torah is given while the pupils wear their hats.” This… More ▸

  • Arrested for Defending Himself from Murderers

    Hayam Macleff, only survivor of the Macleff family slaughtered at Motza, was arrested because during the evidence in the Macleff case he had confessed to striking one of the murderers. He was released on bail. More ▸

  • Convention Votes Fund of $500,000 to Be Raised for Palestine Workers

    A fund of $500,000 will be raised during the coming year for the organized Jewish workers of Palestine it was announced at the closing session of the convention of the Organized Jewish Workers in Palestine held in New York City. The convention also issued a call to all union members to subscribe an hour’s work… More ▸

  • Boston Starts Drive for $900,000 Charities Fund

    A great gathering of over 1,500 Jews, among them the most prominent in the community, were present yesterday at the largest charity mass meeting ever held in Boston to hear the appeal of the Associated Jewish Philanthropies on behalf of its $900,000 campaign. The meeting also marked the introduction to the Jewish community of Dr…. More ▸

  • Warns Against Russian Colonists’ Migration

    A warning is voiced in the Soviet Press against the migration of colonists from Russia pointing to the difficulties met everywhere abroad. As an example the case of a group of Jews who left Russia six years ago and are still isolated in barracks in Southern England and living there in miserable condition and unable… More ▸

  • Jews in Manchurian City Reported Victims of White Guard Raid

    Jews in a city in Manchuria were the victims of a pogrom perpetrated by former Russian White Guards, reports received here state. A number of Jewish casualties occurred. The attack upon the Jews was made in the course of the White Guard retreat. Jewish houses were plundered Jewish women attacked and the Jewish youth killed…. More ▸

  • Historical Find in Vilna of Great Jewish Interest

    A find of great Jewish historical value has been made by the Jewish Scientific Institute here in discovering in the city archives forty volumes of the records of the Vilna Kehillah from 1809 to 1844 when Czar Nicholas I dissolved all of the kehillahs in Russia. All of the volumes as well as, the kehillah… More ▸