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  • Historical Find in Vilna of Great Jewish Interest

    A find of great Jewish historical value has been made by the Jewish Scientific Institute here in discovering in the city archives forty volumes of the records of the Vilna Kehillah from 1809 to 1844 when Czar Nicholas I dissolved all of the kehillahs in Russia. All of the volumes as well as, the kehillah… More ▸

  • Bentwich Attacker Says He Was Incited

    Abdul Ghani Tabek, the Arab messenger who last Sunday shot and wounded Norman Bentwich, Attorney-General of Palestine, declared that he was incited to his act by articles appearing in the Arab press. As an inveterate reader of the Arab newspapers, he knows the Arab regard Bentwich as their greatest enemy. Therefore he decided to take… More ▸

  • Charles Sanger, Texas Civic Leader, Dead

    Charles L. Sanger, prominent Dallas business man and civic leader, was buried here yesterday. He died Thursday in Waco while visiting his brother. Until last year Mr. Sanger was president of Temple Emanu-El. He was 62 years old. He was the son of the late Samuel Sanger, a Texas pioneer, and a founder of the… More ▸

  • Hebron Rabbi Asks Jews of That City Be Heard by Inquiry Commission

    Meir Franko, head of the Hebron Sephardic rabbis, has sent a memorandum to the Zionist executive protesting that until now, the Hebron horrors, especially the government’s responsibility for the massacre, has not been revealed before the Inquiry Commission, and demanding that the Hebron Jews and the district officers be called to give evidence before the… More ▸

  • Withdrawal of Jolson’s “jazz Singer” Demanded

    “Angriff,” a Hitlerite newspaper, today demands that Hugenberg, the principal owner of the Ufa Film Company and head of the German Nationalist Party, remove within three days the Al Jolson film, “The Jazz Singer.” The paper calls the picture a “nauseating all-Jewish propaganda film.” If Hugenberg doesn’t comply with this request the paper threatens that… More ▸

  • Arab Paper Praises Dr. Magnes’s Attitude As One of Moderation

    The “Felestin,” Arab publication, in its Euglish edition yesterday praises the stand taken by Dr. Judah L. Magnes and Professor Hugo Bergmann, declaring that they are propagating moderation. Blaming Dr. Chaim Weizmann, President of the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization, and Vladimir Jabotinsky, head of the Zionist Revisionists, for extremist policies; the “Felestin”… More ▸

  • Keren Hayesod Official Resigns Under Fire

    Hans Kohn, director of the propaganda department of the Keren Hayesod, has resigned. Certain quarters here have been demand-memo also insisted on an immediate because his articles have been regarded favorable to the Brith Shalom Society and harmful politically. More ▸

  • Sokolow Confers with M. Duka on Zionism

    Nahum Sokolow, noted Zionist leader now visiting here, today met M. Duka, former minister of foreign affairs. They discussed Zionism at some length. Theodor Fischer declared in Parliament today during the debate on the Royal Message that he would only vote for the Message if the Government submitted to Parliament the law concerning the minorities… More ▸

  • Palestine Hebrew Press Denounces Magnes’s Act

    The Hebrew press of Palestine is unanimous in its opposition to the article in the New York “Times,” in which Dr. Judah L. Magnes gave utterance to his views on Palestine. The “Ha’ Aretz” calls it a “negation of Zionism,” declaring that Magnes does not believe in Zionism and its rightfulness. The “Davar” is indignant… More ▸