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  • Sokolow Confers with M. Duka on Zionism

    Nahum Sokolow, noted Zionist leader now visiting here, today met M. Duka, former minister of foreign affairs. They discussed Zionism at some length. Theodor Fischer declared in Parliament today during the debate on the Royal Message that he would only vote for the Message if the Government submitted to Parliament the law concerning the minorities… More ▸

  • Palestine Hebrew Press Denounces Magnes’s Act

    The Hebrew press of Palestine is unanimous in its opposition to the article in the New York “Times,” in which Dr. Judah L. Magnes gave utterance to his views on Palestine. The “Ha’ Aretz” calls it a “negation of Zionism,” declaring that Magnes does not believe in Zionism and its rightfulness. The “Davar” is indignant… More ▸

  • Results of Research Among Berlin Jews

    Ministerialrat Gosler today published the results of a sociological research among the Jews of Berlin which shows that the greater part of the Jewish middle class has been economically mined. Jewish commercial firms and banking houses have either dissolved or been taken over by non-Jews. Anti-Semitic economic envy is responsible for the dismissal of Jewish… More ▸

  • Soviet Government Bans Talmud and Koran

    Herr Stoessinger, one of the publishers of the German edition of the Talmud, reveals a secret decree issued by Lenin’s sister, Madame Krupskaya, on behalf of the Soviet government, ordering the libraries of Russia to destroy all copies of the books of Kant, Plato, Spencer, Carlyle, all evangelical works, the Koran and the Talmud. Only… More ▸

  • Norman Bentwich Returns to His Office

    Norman Bentwich, Attorney-General of Palestine, who was shot by an Arab last week, returned to his office today feeling quite well. The Court of Appeal today confirmed the death sentence of Mustaphe Derbes, who murdered Toleidano, an advocate, in Safed. Derbes is expected to appeal to the Privy Council. More ▸

  • Jew Represents Sultan’s Heirs in Suit for Fortune

    If You Are Palesed with the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” Tell Your Friends to Subscribe Sami Gunsberf, a well-known Jewish dentist of this city, is representing the heirs of the famous Turkish Sultan, Sbdul Hamid, in a suit against Italy, France and Great Britain for the return of property belonging to the Saltan and that was… More ▸

  • 2 Jailed for Handing out Communist Propaganda

    Bluma Marbum and Haya Lipson were arrested here yesterday for disseminating Communist proclamations. They were sentenced to four months imprisonment. When they have served their sentences, they will be deported. More ▸

  • League Opposed to Anti-semitism Convention in Paris Now in Session

    Sessions of the League Opposed to Anti-Semitism opened here today. The morning sitting was devoted to technical questions and the acknowledgment of greetings, especially one from the Paris municipality. Eighty-nine delegates, mostly from Paris, are in attendance. The afternoon session heard reports from the various sections and a general debate. Bernard Le Cache, executive chairman,… More ▸

  • Grand Mufti to Give Version of Responsibility for Outbreaks

    The British community in Palestine is greatly concerned over the decision of the Inquiry Commission to visit the house of the Mufti and to take his evidence in secret, says the Jerusalem correspondent of the “Daily Mail.” It is felt that this action lowers the prestige of Great Britain and places the Commissioners and the… More ▸