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  • Unemployment Discussion to Feature Young Israel Convention

    A discussion on existing unemployment conditions among Jewish Youth will be the feature of the annual convention of the Council of Young Israel which is being held at the Hotel Scarboro, Long Branch, N. J., June 13-16. Young Israel with a membership of eight thousand maintains the largest Sabbath observing employment agency in the country…. More ▸

  • Jew Appointed Railway Commissioner in Soviet Cabinet

    Moisei Ruchimovitch, the son of a blacksmith, was today appointed Railway Commissar of the Soviet government. He is the second Jew to become a member of the Soviet cabinet, the other being M. Yakovlev, Land Commissar. M. Ruchimovitch, who is 41, has until now been vice-president of the Supreme Economic Council, the highest Soviet industrial… More ▸

  • Will Offer Bill Prohibiting State Exams on Sabbath

    Assemblyman Albert D. Schanzer of Brooklyn has promised to introduce at the next session of the New York state legislature a bill which would prohibit state or municipal examinations of any sort to be held on a Jewish Sabbath or holyday. This promise is contained in a letter written by the Assemblyman to Rabbi Louis… More ▸

  • Boston Jewry to Play Host to Lubawitscher Rebbe

    Boston Jewry will play host to the famous Lubawitscher Rebbe, Rabbi Joseph Schneursohn, for two weeks, starting Sunday. He will be the guest of honor at a banquet, June 25. On his arrival here he will be met by a committee of notable laymen and rabbis headed by Louis H. Steinberg. More ▸

  • 3 Zionist Regions Reject While Hadassah Board Approves Brandeis-mack Memorandum

    Three Zionist districts in various sections of the country, in considering the proposed memorandum on Zionist affairs recently issued by Justice Brandeis and his associates, have rejected the proposals as not meeting the present situation in American Zionism. Districts which have voted down the plan and have elected delegates to the forthcoming Zionist Convention at… More ▸

  • Dr. Adler Submits Memorandum for Wailing Wall Commission

    Felix M. Warburg, chairman of the Administrative Committee of the Jewish Agency, today announced that although Dr. Cyrus Adler, president of the American Jewish Committee, is unable to proceed to Palestine to represent the Jewish Agency before the Wailing Wall Commission, he has carried out the initial part of the obligation he had assumed at… More ▸

  • Flag Day, Observed June 14, Originated Ben Altheimer, Jewish Philanthropist, in 1910

    Flag day, which was celebrated yesterday, June 14, throughout the United States with patriotic exercises, was originated by Ben Altheimer, eighty-one year old foreign-born Jewish philanthropist. Mr. Altheimer in 1910 conceived the idea of setting aside a special day as Flag Day while attending a retreat formation at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, with… More ▸

  • Card Asking Lawyers’ Religion Abolished by Bar Association As Result of Protests

    Because of the many protests against the card system employed by the Los Angeles Bar Association in keeping a survey for the purpose of obtaining lawyers for prospective clients, and which asked the lawyers to indicate whether they were Catholics or Protestants, the Bar Association has withdrawn the cards. An editorial in the “Bnai Brith… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Zionist district of San Francisco, of which Judge I. M. Golden is president, voted confidence in the present administration. With regard to the Brandeis-Mack proposal the resolution says: SUPPORTS PRESENT ADMINISTRATION “We welcome the inclusion of all Zionist sympathizers, adherents and friends in the Zionist effort, and believe that a fusion of all elements… More ▸

  • High Commissioner Turns Down Jabotinsky Reinstatement Appeal

    The High Commissioner of Palestine has replied in the negative to a cable from the British Colonial Office regarding the request of Vladimir Jabotinsky, leader of the World Zionist Revisionists, to the Colonial Office for reinstatement as a permanent resident of Palestine. Jabotinsky’s return to Palestine had been cancelled. More ▸