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  • Terms Judea Democratic Club “irresponsible”

    The Judea Democratic Club, in inviting Mayor Walker to speak before its Fourth of July gathering on the question of discrimination against Jews in employment in New York City, is attacked by Jacob Fishman, managing editor of the “Jewish Morning Journal.” Writing in Tuesday’s issue of his paper, Mr. Fishman says: “The Judea Democratic Club… More ▸

  • Indian Moslem Delegation to Attend Wailing Wall Hearings

    A delegation of Moslems from India will come to Jerusalem to attend the sessions of the Wailing Wall Commission on behalf of the 70,000,000 Moslems of India says the Arab paper “Al Hayat” in publishing a telegram from the secretary of the Moslem Council of India to the Arab Executive. The Indian Moslem leader points… More ▸

  • Los Angeles Doctor Honored by French Government

    Dr. S. M. Marcus, a noted nerve specialist, was informed by H. Didot, French Consul, that he had been awarded the medal, diploma and a membership in the French Academy of Science. Dr. Marcus, well known in Jewish medical circles here, is also a major in the U. S. Army reserve corps. More ▸

  • J. D. B. News Letter

    The twelfth annual convention of the Federation of Zionists in Argentina, which has just concluded its sessions here, decided to devote more time to the Hebrew education of the Jewish youth in this far South American republic than it has done hitherto. After a protracted discussion, in which several speakers pointed out how the younger… More ▸

  • Jewish Population of Latvia Decreases over 5 Year Span

    The Jewish population of Lativa has decreased 1300 in the last five years. It now numbers 94,600 or 4.97 per cent of the general population. Five years ago the Jews of Latvia composed 5.19 per cent of the general population. The decrease is due to Jewish emigration. More ▸

  • Issue Bibliography Study As Memorial Volume to Late Abraham Solomon Freidus

    The appearance of a volume entitled “Studies in Jewish Bibliography and Related Subjects in Memory of Abraham Solomon Freidus, late Chief of the Jewish Division in the New York Public Library,” is announced by the Freidus Memorial Committee. It was published under the auspices of The Alexander Kohut Memorial Foundation. The volume consists of more… More ▸

  • United Synagogue Raps Plan of School Time off for Religion

    A resolution opposing the plan to allow children in the public schools to take one hour a day from their regular class time to receive religious instruction was adopted by the executive council of the New York branch of the United Synagogue of America. The council contends that such a system would tend toward the… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups to Unite in Presenting Jewish Case to Wailing Wall Commission

    The Jewish National Council at its meeting today decided on joint action with the Jewish Agency, the Rabbinate, and the Agudath Israel, world orthodox organization, in presenting the Jewish case before the Wailing Wall Commission. The actual advocacy of the Jewish case will be left to David Yellin, Mordecai Eliash and S. Blan. It is… More ▸

  • Police Seek Assailant of Captain F. M. Scott

    The police hope to arrest the assailant of F. M. Scott, police commandant who received a knife injury in the head yesterday during a scuffle between the police and an Arab crowd following the execution of the three Arabs in Acre. Three Arabs were arrested for inciting. Scott’s injuries are reported not to be serious…. More ▸

  • News Brief

    Berlin Jewry voiced its protest against the anti-Semitic activities in Thuringia at three huge mass meetings here sponsored by the General Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith. Speakers at the meetings deplored the fact that the German Government has not speedily put an end to the anti-Semitic agitation of Dr. Frick and his… More ▸