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  • Kishinev Paper Gives More Details on Attacks on Jews in Baltza; Police Inactive

    The Hungarian Telegraphic Agency reports from Bucharest that Jewish members of the Roumanian parliament today introduced to Vaida Voevod, Minister of the Interior, a Jewish deputation who protested against the continued anti-Semitic disturbances in the Baltza district and claimed that the authorities, in spite of the daily occurrences, do not take any measures against the… More ▸

  • Z.O.A. Needs Stability, Louis Lipsky Tells Convention of Order of Sons of Zion

    Claiming that the Zionist Organization today needs stability in its own ranks as well as harmony and discipline, Louis Lipsky, president of the Zionist Organization of America, speaking at the convention of the Order Sons of Zion, urged a coalition of all forces at the coming Zionist convention in Cleveland. Although he did not mention… More ▸

  • Arab Who Sought to Free Condemned Brother Bailed

    Achmed Hedjazi, the brother of Fuad Hedjazi, the latter one of the three Arabs hanged last week at Acre for the murder of Jews during last Summer’s riots, who attempted at the last minute to gain his brother’s reprieve by confessing that he killed the Jews for which his brother was convicted, has been released… More ▸

  • Simpson Non-committal on Rescinding Immigration Ban

    It is reported that Sir John Simpson’s reply to the British Colonial Office regarding the possible rescinding of the order suspending immigration to Palestine is non-committal. While he does not oppose lifting the ban during his inquiry into problems of immigration, land settlement and development he does not want the Arabs to say that his… More ▸

  • Mandates Commission Asks England to Carry out Her Obligations in Palestine

    The Mandates Commission of the League of Nations has concluded its Palestine session, unanimously adopting the observations, without important changes of the draft submitted by the editorial commission. The observations deal with the Palestine disturbances of last Summer the annual report and the various petitions whereby the attitude of the British government during the disturbances… More ▸

  • Brith Abraham Convention Votes for Palestine Colony, Aid to Tool Campaigns

    The establishment of a colony in Palestine by contributions to the Jewish National Fund and the taxation of members for the reconstruction work done by the Ort and Peoples’ Tools Campaign in Eastern Europe were approved by the 44th annual convention of the Independent Order of Brith Abraham meeting here. Nearly 900 delegates representing 426… More ▸

  • Hebrew Press Indifferent to Special Zionist Congress

    The Hebrew press here is lukewarm and almost indifferent to the prospects of either an ordinary or extraordinary World Zionist Congress this year. The Zionist Executive has asked the members of the Zionist Actions Committee to register by cable their opinions as to a congress this year. The next congress is ordinarily not due until… More ▸

  • Leo Feist, Music Publishing King, is Dead at Sixty

    Leo Feist, the owner of the largest publishing house for popular music in the world, is dead at his home in Mount Vernon. He was sixty years old. He is survived by a wife and three sons, two of whom are in the firm. Among the famous songs which the Feist house published were “Over… More ▸

  • Rabbi Remikovsky Dead

    Rabbi Benjamin Elias Remikovsky of Siemiatich died here yesterday at the age of 58. The body will be taken to the Rabbi’s home town, Siemiatich, for the funeral. More ▸

  • Rabbi Maurice Harris, Spiritual Leader of Temple Israel, Dead

    Rabbi Maurice H. Harris, for 48 years spiritual leader of Temple Israel, died yesterday in Mt. Sinai Hospital after a brief illness at the age of 70. The funeral is expected to take place tomorrow morning at the Free Synagogue with Rabbi Stephen S. Wise officiating. As a youthful student preacher Rabbi Harris founded the… More ▸