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  • Leo Feist, Music Publishing King, is Dead at Sixty

    Leo Feist, the owner of the largest publishing house for popular music in the world, is dead at his home in Mount Vernon. He was sixty years old. He is survived by a wife and three sons, two of whom are in the firm. Among the famous songs which the Feist house published were “Over… More ▸

  • Rabbi Remikovsky Dead

    Rabbi Benjamin Elias Remikovsky of Siemiatich died here yesterday at the age of 58. The body will be taken to the Rabbi’s home town, Siemiatich, for the funeral. More ▸

  • Rabbi Maurice Harris, Spiritual Leader of Temple Israel, Dead

    Rabbi Maurice H. Harris, for 48 years spiritual leader of Temple Israel, died yesterday in Mt. Sinai Hospital after a brief illness at the age of 70. The funeral is expected to take place tomorrow morning at the Free Synagogue with Rabbi Stephen S. Wise officiating. As a youthful student preacher Rabbi Harris founded the… More ▸

  • Political Commission of Jewish Agency in Session

    The British government must be impressed with the fact that the Jewish National Home in Palestine is impossible without men and land, declared Lord Melchett, president of the English Zionist Federation and chairman of the political commission of the Jewish Agency which opened an urgent session here today. Lord Melchett pointed out that in fact… More ▸

  • Lubawitscher Rebbe Urges U.S. Jews to Adhere to Faith

    Throngs crowded Temple Bethel at Dorchester and Temple Ahabath Jesahurn in Roxbury to hear Rabbi Joseph Schneursohn, eminent scholar, better known as the Lubawitscher Rebbe, who was exiled by the Soviet government for his religious teaching. He exhorted the Jews of America to adhere to the faith of their fathers and urged the Jewish people… More ▸

  • Moslem Youths in Egypt Prepared for Holy War to Defend Wailing Wall

    The Wailing Wall Commission, here to investigate Moslem and Jewish claims to the Wall, today received a telegram from the Moslem Youth’s Association of Egypt saying that they were “prepared, like all Moslems the world over, for a holy war to defend the precious shrine (the Wailing Wall) against all attacks”. The Jewish memorandum which… More ▸

  • Wailing Wall Commission Opens First Session; Jewish Case to Start Wednesday

    The international Wailing Wall Commission here to investigate Moslem and Jewish claims to the Wall, held its first session today. The Arabs proposed fourteen representatives at the hearings and Emil Loefgren, the chairman, informed the press that after the first meeting the Jews will probably have an equal number. YELLIN APPLAUDS NEUTRALITY At the opening… More ▸