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  • Jewish Colonist in Palestine Fired at by Arab and Wounded

    Japhet Ben Nathan, a colonist belonging to the Jewish Colony Hederah, was shot at by an Arab last night while he was returning to his home, and was wounded. The Arab ran off immediately after he had fired and escaped. Ben Nathan has been detained in hospital. More ▸

  • Actions Committee Meeting Opening in Basle

    A meeting of, the Council (Actions Committee) of the Zionist Organisation has been convened for Basle for June 29th., prior to the Seventeenth Zionist Congress. The London offices of the Zionist Organisation and the Jewish Agency will be officially moved on to Basle on the 24th. inst. for the duration of the Zionist Congress and… More ▸

  • Zionist Congress Elections: Preliminary Results on World List

    Up till now two seats each appear to be available for the General Zionists, the Mizrachi, Labour and the Revisionists, according to the data received from a number of countries concerning the surplus votes in those countries on the basis of which seats at the Congress are awarded under the World Election Lists, it is… More ▸

  • Agudath Israel in Control of Warsaw Jewish Community: Obtains Support of Folkists Artisans Hassidim

    The Agudath Israel has succeeded in obtaining control of the Warsaw Jewish Community, the largest Jewish Community in Europe, by consolidating against the Zionists all the smaller groups on the newly-elected Board of the Community, the non-Party Hassidim, the Folkists (Jewish People’s Party), the Jewish Artisans, and the Assimilationists. The Augdist leader in Poland, Mr…. More ▸

  • Soviet Officials Sent to Prison for Antisemitism

    D. J. Nabiev, a member of the Presidium of the Soviet of the town of Derbent, in Daghestan, who issued the order to carry out a search for illegally hoarded kerosene only in the Jewish quarter (reported in the J.T.A. Bulletin of the 15th. inst.), has been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, with an additional… More ▸