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  • Harbin Revisionists Protest to Inquiry Commission Against British Government

    A group of Zionist Revisionists resident in Harbin have submitted a memorandum protesting against what is termed a breach of treaty on the part of Great Britain as the Mandatory for Palestine, to the Inquiry Commission appointed by the League of Nations to look into the situation in the Far East. The Inquiry Commission consists… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Anti-Jewish disturbances recurred at the University of Vienna. Several Jewish students were beaten up, and others were thrown out of the university buildings. More ▸

  • Lithuania to Act for Nationals in Germany

    The Lithuanian Government has instructed its Berlin Embassy to make investigations as to whether Lithuanian Jewish nationals will be affected by the Prussian confiscation law providing for the confiscation of the property of East European Jews who entered Germany after August 1, 1914. The Lithuanian government, it is learned, will take strong measures to protect… More ▸

  • Jew Who Refused to Vote for Cuzists Killed by Cuzist Agitator

    A Jew in Falticeni, Itzig Nuhem, was killed by a Cuzist agitator, George Gheorgesi, because he declared he would not vote for the Cuzist candidates. The murder was committed in connection with the Cuzist election agitation. Nuhem was beaten up and sustained severe head injuries to which he succumbed. A protest was entered with the… More ▸

  • Makes £250 Gift to Palestine Institutions

    The “Assicurazioni Generali,” an insurance company operating in fifty lands, has distributed the sum of £250 to leading Jewish and Arab causes in Palestine on the occasion of the celebration of the one hundred anniversary of its founding last month. Of this sum £50 was assigned to the Hebrew University; £50 to the two chief… More ▸

  • Anti-semites Break Up Diet Session

    Saturday’s session of the Vienna Diet was interrupted with an uproar when the anti-Semites battling with other members of the Diet, refused to permit the continuation of the agenda, so long as the Jewish Socialist Deputy Dannenburg remains president of the German constitutional Committee. The Nazis ketp up an uproar shouting, “Let the Jews go… More ▸

  • National Minorities Congress Closes in Vienna

    The East European Minorities Congress closed here with the adoption of resolutions. The nations allied with the League of Nations were called upon to undertake measures for the protection of their minorities. The Jewish representatives, Rotenstrick and Rabbi Nuork, described the position of the Jews in various East European countries. More ▸

  • National Democratic Attack Frustrated by Police

    An attempt to attack the Jews was made in Kalisz by National Democrats assembled in convention. The attempt was frustrated by the energetic action of the police. The meeting atended by 1,000 delegates a street demonstration. which marched to the tune of abuse of the Jews and the governments. Dispersed once by the police the… More ▸

  • Says Economic Discrimination Most Serious Aspect of Jewish Situation in Germany

    The present cabinet in Germany has created a situation whereby the inciting agitation of Hitler and his press are almost as importaant as the declarations of reassurance issued by the government, states a leading editorial in the “Rundschau,” organ of the general Zionists in Germany, which has just reached this country. More important even than… More ▸