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  • News Brief

    The Guardians of Faith Congregation of Montclair, N. J., has elected as its rabbi Eliezar Asher Levi of Toronto, Canada. More ▸

  • News Brief

    “We want no Jews in our University,” a meeting of Nazi students at the University of Frankfurt decided. “We desire a pure German culture and we shall see to it that the Jews have no place in our University,” the resolution adopted read. The resolution was referred to the university administration and was accompanied by… More ▸

  • Voluntary Assessment of Capital Urged by A. Leo Weil As a Cure for the Depression

    An interesting plan for ending the depression, which has been submitted to a score of industrial and financial leaders in the United States, was described by A. Leo Weil, Pittsburgh attorney, in an interview. After Mr. Weil’s plan had been submitted to the industrial and financial leaders and they had pronounced it as impractical on… More ▸

  • Goettingen Synagogue Attacked

    The synagogue in Goettingen was attacked by four Nazis in uniform on Friday evening and the beadle, David Tanstein, beaten up and left unconscious. Tanstein was rushed to the hospital where his injuries were found to be so serious that an immediate operation was performed. “This is our revenge for our two comrades who were… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Rabbi Alexander S. Kleinfeld of West Palm Beach has accepted a call to Congregation Beth David, of Miami, Florida, the largest conservative congregation in Florida. More ▸

  • Preliminary Investigation of Panisoara Reveals He Has Not Yet Been Transferred

    The preliminary investigation of Captain Panisoara and the three gendarmes responsible for the torture of Samon Bronstein, Zionist leader of Yedinez, Bessarabia, has been completed, and the trial may open before the fifteenth of July when the court adjourns, Attorney General Alexandru informed the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today. Neither Captain Panisoara nor the chief of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Prussian State Council has modified the amnesty law adopted by the Diet, so that it does not apply to desecrators of cemeteries. It is also learned that the participants in the disturbances in Kurfuerstendam on the Jewish New Year will not be released. More ▸

  • Nazi Party Attempts Foothold in Many Lands

    The extent to which the Nationalist-Socialist party of Germany is attempting to secure a foothold in other countries of the world is revealed in the Nationalist-Socialist organ “Trust-worthy Nationalist-Socialist Letters from Abroad”, which is published in Hamburg. In a single issue of the magazine are to be found letters from Nazi correspondents in Barcelona, Spain;… More ▸

  • Anti-jewish Disturbances Are Renewed in Vienna

    Three Jews, directors of the club, were injured in the Nazi midnight atack on the International country club, it was learned yesterday. The police are searching for the organizers of the attack. The Nazis claim, however, that the attack was a provocation by the Marxists. More ▸

  • News Brief

    Six months imprisonment will be meted out to any one agitating for a boycott against Jewish firms in Meiningen according to a decision handed down by the local court in connection with the distribution of anti-Jewish boycott leaflets. The boycott agitation against the Jews has spread to Hamburg and is menacing many Jewish firms, the… More ▸