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  • Social Workers, Executives, Teachers, End Sessions; Billikopf to Head Conference

    For the first time in the history of conventions of the National Conference of Jewish Social Service, a bitter contest arose over the election of a president, with the result that a compromise candidate was chosen. The contest over the presidency caused a serious division in the ranks of the delegates. The battle developed when… More ▸

  • Professor Harold Laski to Lecture at Yale University

    Professor Harold Laski, noted political scientist, has accepted the invitation of Yale University to deliver the Storrs Lectures on Law in 1933. Professor Laski, who is associated with the London School of Economics of London University, will come to the United States in time to begin his lecture series in March. This will not be… More ▸

  • Professor Ernst Cohn to Assume New Duties; Nazi Protests Being Organized

    Professor Ernst Cohn, the Nazi opposition against whom has led to outbreaks of violence, will at the end of January assume duties as an Examining Commissioner of the University of Breslau. This new office has already provoked further Nazi attacks. The Nazis have announced a series of protest meetings through their leaders, Heines and Brueckner…. More ▸

  • Educational Council

    The National Council of Jewish Education, at the closing session of the convention in Detroit, yesterday afternoon, adopted resolutions pledging its cooperation to the movement for the relief of German Jewry and to efforts which will bring about the revocation of measures which tend to reduce Jews in Germany to a class of untouchables. The… More ▸

  • Jews Settle Close to Favored Farming Zones; Close to Consuming Centers

    Speaking before a group of farmminded New Yorkers, at the Labor Temple, Wednesday evening, Gabriel Davidson, General Manager of the Jewish Agricultural Society voiced his conviction that agriculture is too important an industry to remain permanently depressed. It is generally believed, he stated, that recovery must begin with an improvement in agriculture. Encouraged by such… More ▸

  • Official Communique Halts Anti-jewish Slander

    As a means of acquainting veterans and the public generally of the part played in United States history by American-Jewish patriots, Newark, N. J., Post of the Jewish War Veterans has outlined an essay contest which will feature the life and work of one of these patriots, yet to be selected. An official communication was… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The capitol today was still surprised at the statement by Senator James Hamilton Lewis on Saturday assuring the Senate of the cessation of injustice and oppression of the Jews in Germany and providing for protection of life, property and religious freedom in the future. Senator Lewis, in taking an active stand against anti-Semitic policies of… More ▸

  • Nathan Straus, Jr. Drafted for Palestine Fund Chairmanship

    Declaring that the “economic situation of world Jewry” makes such leadership as his essential, the newly-organized City-Wide Committee of the American Palestine Campaign, representing every section of Greater New York, drafted Nathan Straus, Jr., as Chairman of the American Palestine Campaign of New York at an executive meeting held at the Aldine Club, Tuesday evening,… More ▸

  • Letter to the Editor

    Editor, Jewish Daily Bulletin, I note in this morning’s “Jewish Daily Bulletin” a reference to the omission by the “Herald-Tribune” of the Saturday morning religious advertisement of my discourse on the theme: “Is Walter Lippmann a ‘Leading Jew’?” The presence of Mr. Lippmann’s name in the list of America’s “ten leading Jews” prompted me to… More ▸

  • Rabbi Newman Denounces Hitler Before I. O. B. A. at Atlantic City Session

    “Either Hitler or his anti-Semitic policies must go,” Rabbi Louis I. Newman told the 47th annual convention of the Independent Order Brith Abraham here today in an eloquent speech punctuated by storms of applause. “It may not be possible to change the leopard’s spots—that’s for Germany to decide,” he declared. “But the world will not… More ▸