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  • Letter to the Editor

    Editor, Jewish Daily Bulletin, I note in this morning’s “Jewish Daily Bulletin” a reference to the omission by the “Herald-Tribune” of the Saturday morning religious advertisement of my discourse on the theme: “Is Walter Lippmann a ‘Leading Jew’?” The presence of Mr. Lippmann’s name in the list of America’s “ten leading Jews” prompted me to… More ▸

  • Rabbi Newman Denounces Hitler Before I. O. B. A. at Atlantic City Session

    “Either Hitler or his anti-Semitic policies must go,” Rabbi Louis I. Newman told the 47th annual convention of the Independent Order Brith Abraham here today in an eloquent speech punctuated by storms of applause. “It may not be possible to change the leopard’s spots—that’s for Germany to decide,” he declared. “But the world will not… More ▸

  • 300 Graduated from Hebrew High School

    Three hundred students were graduated from the Hebrew High School last Saturday at the fifteenth graduation exercises which took place at the College of the City of New York auditorium. Dr. S. Benderly, Director of the Bureau of Jewish Education spoke of the importance of Jewish education at High School age. The other speakers who… More ▸

  • J. D. B. News Letter

    kasha, and a fragment of sugar; that is a man’s nutriment. Nor is it permitted to receive anything from home. “Imagine for yourself a man who has been there for three or four months hungering, and without air. And when he eventually does go free—he is a confirmed invalid. But this is not all. There… More ▸

  • One Jew Killed, 5 Wounded As Nazis Start Attack on Jews in Vienna

    At least one was killed and five wounded here today when a general assault was launched against Jews in various parts of Vienna. Norbert Futterweit, Jewish proprietor of a jewelry shop was slain when a bomb was thrown into his establishment. Five other persons were injured by the same missile. Tear bombs were thrown in… More ▸

  • Says Palestine Reafforestation Service to Mankind

    Characterizing the reafforestation of Palestine undertaken by the Jewish National Fund as a service of tremendous significance not alone to the Jewish people who look forward to the establishment of a homeland there, but to all mankind, Governor Gifford Pinchot, addressing a conference of Jewish communities in Pennsylvania, congratulated the Jewish people on this undertaking… More ▸

  • Palestine Report Contests Claims of Jews for Proportional Share in Works Program

    A Jewish share in the public works program proportionate to the Jewish share of the public revenue in Palestine, which Prime Minister J. Ramsay MacDonald promised to Dr. Chaim Weizmann, then president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, two years ago, is now being contested by the Palestine Government, according to its annual report for… More ▸

  • Havana Jews Permitted to Hold Protest Tonight

    The Cuban government has acceded to strong representations by delegates of the Jewish community on the prohibition of a Jewish protest meeting against the anti-Semitic persecutions in Germany. General Herero, Minister of War and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, told the Jewish delegation that he sees no reason why the Jewish protest meeting should be… More ▸

  • Judge Stern to Deliver Fuld Memorial Lecture

    A “Fuld Memorial Lecture” will be delivered here next Monday night by Judge Horace Stern, of Philadelphia. The lecture will be in memory of the late Felix Fuld, merchant and philanthropist, who died several years ago, and it will be given in Fuld Hall in the Y.M.-Y.W.H.A. Building. Among other causes Mr. Fuld was devoted… More ▸