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  • U.S. Jewry, United, in Appeal for Visas for Jews in Germany

    A joint council, composed of representatives of the three national organizations which have spoken for the body of American Jewry in connection with the persecution of the Jews in Germany, was functioning yesterday as a result of an agreement reached by the American Jewish Committee, the B’nai Brith and the American Jewish Congress. In a… More ▸

  • Rabbis Hear Demand for Industry Control

    sures formulated by the conference’s commission on social justice. The convention went on record for more aggressive attempts before legislatures to get action on bills for old age pensions, unemployment insurance, restriction of child labor and other social legislation. Officials of the federal government were urged to put into effect constitutional machinery that would facilitate… More ▸

  • Polish Officials Thanked for Interest in Stavsky

    The mother of Abraham Stavsky, who is held in Palestine in connection with the murder of Dr. Chaim Arlosoroff, Zionist leader, today visited the Foreign Office to thank officials there for the interest in the case taken by the Polish consulate at Jerusalem which sent an attorney to protect Stavsky’s rights. The Foreign office promised… More ▸

  • Thanks Guggenheims for Subsidizing Foreign Visits of U.S. Art Mediocrities

    The Americana magazine for July advocates the award of a diploma to the Guggenheims, in behalf of American art and science, as a testimonial of recognition for their services in annually deporting from sixty to seventy mediocrities. “The indignation of real artists which follows upon the announcement of the awards each year is unwarranted,” writes… More ▸

  • Arlosoroff Murder Suspect Transferred to Jerusalem Prison

    Abraham Stavsky, 28-year-old Zionist Revisionist, who has been under arrest since last Monday in connection with the assassination of Dr. Chaim Arlosoroff, noted Zionist labor leader, has been transferred to the Jerusalem central jail where he has been put in a separate cell. Stavsky, who has repeatedly asserted his innocence and claimed that he spent… More ▸

  • Dr. Chaim Weizmann

    Dr. Chaim Weizmann, world Zionist leader, who arrived here Friday from Europe, will speak over a nation-wide radio hook-up arranged by the Columbia Broadcasting System at 6 p. m. tonight, Eastern Standard Time. In New York and environs Dr. Weizmann’s address will be heard over station WABC. His subject will be “Palestine and the Solution… More ▸

  • Chicago Pageant Knits Jewry into Creative Unity

    Director of Jewish Day For the last few weeks, and for the next few weeks, Chicago has been and will remain the Jewish capital of America. If anyone doubts this let him make a trip through the various Jewish centres of this country, and wind up with a visit to the city of Jewish Day…. More ▸

  • Among the Literati

    He was born Hyman but became a lawyer, poet, writer, economist, inventor, locksmith, importer and then Robert. Under that name (Robert Segal) he wrote a book of verse called “The Book of Pain Struggle”, a philosophical work entitled “The Law of Struggle” and now he is about to burst forth with a plan to save… More ▸

  • Molly Picon Back from Palestine Tour

    Molly Picon, star of the Yiddish theatre and idol of the East Side, returned home yesterday on the President Roosevelt, after a three month vacation in Russia and Palestine. Enthusiastic over “a perfectly happy Zion, a Jewish homeland, where there is no unemployment, no misery, no financial crisis, nothing but the sound of the builders’… More ▸

  • Annual Convention of Avukah in Session

    More than one hundred delegates and guests who began assembling yesterday at the Eighth Annual Convention and Fourth Annual Avukah Summer School here, today set to work on the conference agenda. This includes the rendering of reports by representatives from the various chapters and a discussion of the means whereby Avukah work can be strengthened… More ▸