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  • Chicago Pageant Knits Jewry into Creative Unity

    Director of Jewish Day For the last few weeks, and for the next few weeks, Chicago has been and will remain the Jewish capital of America. If anyone doubts this let him make a trip through the various Jewish centres of this country, and wind up with a visit to the city of Jewish Day…. More ▸

  • Among the Literati

    He was born Hyman but became a lawyer, poet, writer, economist, inventor, locksmith, importer and then Robert. Under that name (Robert Segal) he wrote a book of verse called “The Book of Pain Struggle”, a philosophical work entitled “The Law of Struggle” and now he is about to burst forth with a plan to save… More ▸

  • Molly Picon Back from Palestine Tour

    Molly Picon, star of the Yiddish theatre and idol of the East Side, returned home yesterday on the President Roosevelt, after a three month vacation in Russia and Palestine. Enthusiastic over “a perfectly happy Zion, a Jewish homeland, where there is no unemployment, no misery, no financial crisis, nothing but the sound of the builders’… More ▸

  • Annual Convention of Avukah in Session

    More than one hundred delegates and guests who began assembling yesterday at the Eighth Annual Convention and Fourth Annual Avukah Summer School here, today set to work on the conference agenda. This includes the rendering of reports by representatives from the various chapters and a discussion of the means whereby Avukah work can be strengthened… More ▸

  • Feisal’s London Visit Calls Attention to Trans-desert Road

    With pomp and ceremony, King Feisal of Iraq entered London today, for his first state visit to King George and Queen Mary, whose guest he will be at Buckingham Palace. But it is recognized here that his visit has also much to do with the world economic conference now in session here. More ▸

  • Books

    Hans Fallada’s “Little Man, What Now?” which has been published here in clear and colloquial translation by Eric Sutton, is two excellent things in one package: it is a novel and it is a revelation. In fiction, it is the story of the Pinneberg couple, members of the lower middle class, and of their struggle… More ▸

  • War on Jews to Go On, Goebbels Assures Nazis; “worse Still in Store”

    The Hitler Government does not intend to make any compromises whatsoever in its policies regarding the Jews of Germany, despite protests from abroad, declared Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda and public enlightenment, addressing a mass-meeting here. “When we are accused of being against the Jews, we reply, ‘Yes’,” he shouted. “Has anybody… More ▸

  • U.S. Jewry, United, in Plea for Visas

    the fullest support to such defensive measures as may be proposed on behalf of German Jews.” The first act of the joint Council was to dispatch a telegram to the Acting Secretary of State urging an increase in the number of visas granted to the Jews in Germany and requesting measures to prevent intimidation of… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The Americans, the Germans and the French will all be keen observers of King Feisal’s visit to London this month. They are expecting that one of the subjects to be discussed between the two Governments is the projected railway across the desert from Haifa to Bagdad. British policy in the Middle East demands a strong… More ▸

  • Bloch Finishes Score for Reform Service

    Ernest Bloch, famous composer of Jewish music, has completed, after two years of intensive work, a new musical setting for the services in reformed synagogues and the composition is ready for its premiere. This was made known by Cantor Reuben R. Rinder of Temple Emanu-El, president of the Society for Advancement of Jewish Music, who… More ▸