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  • Summon Emergency Session

    An emergency session of the National Executive Committee of the American Jewish Congress has been summoned for August 6, Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, chairman of the committee, announced yesterday. The emergency session intends to formulate a coordinated plan of action to aid German Jews. The meetings will be held at the Hotel New Yorker, it was… More ▸

  • German-americans Elated by J.t.a. Ban, Says Nazi Paper

    German-American circles are elated at the Nazi Government’s prohibition of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency service from Germany and have given the decision to do so an extraordinary welcome, the Lokal Anzeiger of Berlin says today in a report from its New York correspondent. The Wolff Agency’s announcement of the ban on the Jewish Telegraphic Agency… More ▸

  • 16 More Jews Murdered at Dachau Concentration Camp, London Newspaper Asserts

    Murdering of Jews in the Dachau concentration camp in Bavaria allegedly “for attempting to escape” is continuing unabated, the Berlin correspondent of the London Referee reported to his paper yesterday. Sixteen recent victims of the Nazis in the concentration camp were named, including Arthur Kahn, Erwin Kahn, K. Goldmann, Alfred Benarion, Michael Siegmann, Joseph Goetz,… More ▸

  • Ford, General Motors, Morgan Aided Nazis, German Charges in Book out Today

    Startling revelations regarding financial support of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party in the years before it came to power in Germany are contained in the book, “Hitler as Frankenstein,” which will be published here tomorrow. The book is by Johannes Steel, the pseudonym of a German known to have had intimate Nazi contacts. Professor Harold… More ▸

  • Seattle Jewish Leader Assails Whiteshirt Group Sponsored by the Legion

    Germany can keep its brownshirts, Italy its blackshirts, Russia its redshirts and the Ku Klux Klan its nightshirts but America, which has the Stars and Stripes, does not need a shirt as an emblem of patriotism, P. Allen Rickles, Jewish leader in this city, declared today in the face of a plan by Seattle American… More ▸

  • Jewish Lawyers Must Prove Actual Service in Trenches to Be Readmitted to Bar

    Only those Jewish lawyers who can prove with documents that they actually fought in the trenches will be considered by the Frontkaempfer, association of active German war veterans, for readmission to the practice of their profession, yesterday’s Berlin Official Gazette stated. The interpretation given by the Official Gazette means that the reinstatement of Jewish lawyers… More ▸

  • British Board of Deputies in Secret Session Decides Against Boycott Sponsorship

    The Board of Jewish Deputies after a long session yesterday from which the press was excluded decided by a large majority to uphold President Neville Laski’s policy of refusing the motion to call upon British Jewry to abstain from using German goods and services. The Board of Deputies, however, went on record unofficially as overwhelmingly… More ▸

  • 160 Nuremberg Jews Freed by Nazis After Mass Arrest

    Of the 300 Jews who were arrested in Nuremberg, Germany, last Thursday, 160 were set free yesterday. Most of the Jews arrested were proprietors of small shops. They were compelled to march through the streets of Nuremberg flanked by large crowds of Nazis who took a malicious delight in the spectacle of their Jewish neighbors… More ▸

  • Reports Excesses in Nazi Concentration Camps

    Bloody maltreatment of Jews in German concentration camps was confirmed today in an affidavit submitted to the Catholic Press Association here by a non-Jew named Desider Rakacs, formerly a member of the newspaper Zentrumablatt in. Duesseldorf Rakacs has just arrived in Vienna after three months’ imprisonment in Derndorf Prison at the Siegburg concentration camp in… More ▸

  • 2 Arabs Who Blackmailed Jewish Settlers Banished

    Samir Ibrahim, son of the mayor of Tulkarem, and Rashid Hanoun, son of a rich landowner, were sentenced by a Tulkarem court to six months’ banishment today for instigating Fellahin Bedouins to commit agrarian crimes against Jewish settlers in Nathania. Ibrahim was banished to Acre, and Hanoun to Nazareth. Each man also was required to… More ▸