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  • Premier Asks South African Jews to Stop Boycotting

    An appeal to the Jews of South Africa to refrain from boycotting German goods was issued by Premier Hertzog. Declaring that the boycott would injure South Africa, the premier asked the Jews not to forget the country’s interests. He explained that Germany is now in the “throes of a revolution in which the innocent suffer… More ▸

  • Minneapolis Lawyer Named Special Counsel for R. F. C.

    Edward Edelman has been appointed special counsel on municipal bonds for the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and is scheduled to assume his post in Washington immediately. Mr. Edelman, who is a Minneapolis lawyer, is a former member of the Harvard University faculty and the author of a treatise on municipal finance. More ▸

  • Buffalo Sabbath Observers May Open Shops Sunday

    Through the efforts of the Buffalo Council of Rabbis, Mayor Charles E. Roesch and Police Commissioner Austin J. Roche have granted permission to Jewish shopkeepers, who observe the Sabbath and keep their businesses closed on Saturday, to keep open on Sunday and serve their customers. This arrangement was effected after a personal interview between Mayor… More ▸

  • Hartford Rabbi is Named Colonel in Local Nra

    Rabbi Abraham J. Feldman, of Temple Beth Israel, has been appointed by the local NRA administration to furnish the speakers in the campaign to acquaint people with the NRA. He has the rank of “colonel” in the NRA organization. More ▸

  • Young Poale Zion Alliance to Convene in Philadelphia

    The national convention of the Young Poale Zion Alliance of the United States and Canada will open in Philadelphia on September 1. Over 100 delegates, and several hundred guests from all parts of the country, are expected to attend when the convention opens at the Brith Achim Auditorium. The principal items on the agenda deal… More ▸

  • Zionist Youth Meets in Cleveland Session

    Representatives of 19 Zionist youth groups met at the regional Zionist headquarters this week in order to discuss the advisability of establishing a central committee representing all the Zionist youth groups in the state of Ohio. The meeting reached the decision to convoke a more widely representative meeting of Zionist youth to meet on September… More ▸

  • Crown Prince Wilhelm, in Herald-tribune Article, Defends Hitler and Nazis

    In an article in the New York Herald-Tribune yesterday, former Crown Prince Wilhelm, who fled so ignominously from Germany at the first hint of trouble, declares that Germany is faced by hostile world opinion just as she was during the World War. He attributes this to fear of the new Germany by the other powers… More ▸

  • Sign Barring Jews from Berlin’s Seaside Removed

    The inscription prohibiting all Jews from bathing at the Wannsee resort near Berlin, was removed yesterday. An official communication explained that the prohibition had been issued without the “sanction of competent authority.” Originally the order had been issued, the authorities claimed, when Aryan bathers complained that the swarming Jews offended the delicate sensibilities of Aryan… More ▸

  • Hails Nra for Giving Back the Sabbath to Jewry

    Bernard Semel, honorary secretary of the Jewish Education Association of New York, declared that the NRA, in establishing a five-day week, has made possible the restoration of the Sabbath as a “great spiritual force” among the masses of American Jews. In his statement Mr. Semel urges American Jewry to utilize the opportunity to cure the… More ▸