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  • Palestine out of Experimental Stages Reports Executive to Zionist Congress

    The development of Palestine has definitely emerged from the experimental economic stages into the productive and profit-bearing stage, according to the report of the executive of the World Zionist Organization, submitted to the Eighteenth World Zionist Congress now in session here. The 375-page report presents a detailed analysis of the political and economic factors involved… More ▸

  • Zionists’ Resolution on Germany Riles Beobachter

    The resolution on Germany adopted by the Eighteenth Zionist Congress at Prague is a “shocking interference in the internal political affairs of Germany” declared today’s issue of the Voelkischer Beobachter, personal organ of Chancellor Hitler and leading Nazi paper. The Beobachter article, which was featured most prominently, insisted that “Jewry is instigating a new campaign… More ▸

  • Dr. Adler Sees Lineup As Hitler Versus World

    “It is Hitler versus the world; not simply Hitler versus Jews. If unchecked the outcome of that fight can only be the complete degradation of the soul of the German people.” So declared Dr. Cyrus Adler of Philadelphia, president of the American Jewish Committee, on his arrival here. “That the situation is grave, that it… More ▸

  • Boycott Group Wires Its Protest to Zionists Against German Deal

    A protest against the agreement for the export to Palestine by Jewish emigrants of three million marks in German goods, was wired to Prague today to Dr. Leo Motzkin, president of the Eighteenth World Zionist Congress, by the Central Organization for the German Boycott in behalf of all the Jewish economic organizations. “We do not… More ▸

  • Nra Code Not to Interfere with Sabbath Observance

    In response to a plea to the national NRA administration to include Saturday as a day of rest for Jewish workers, Rabbi Eliezer Silver, president of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, received assurances from Dudley Gates, Assistant Administrator, that none of the codes will interfere with Jewish Sabbath observance. “I beg to assure you,” said… More ▸

  • Premier Asks South African Jews to Stop Boycotting

    An appeal to the Jews of South Africa to refrain from boycotting German goods was issued by Premier Hertzog. Declaring that the boycott would injure South Africa, the premier asked the Jews not to forget the country’s interests. He explained that Germany is now in the “throes of a revolution in which the innocent suffer… More ▸

  • Minneapolis Lawyer Named Special Counsel for R. F. C.

    Edward Edelman has been appointed special counsel on municipal bonds for the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and is scheduled to assume his post in Washington immediately. Mr. Edelman, who is a Minneapolis lawyer, is a former member of the Harvard University faculty and the author of a treatise on municipal finance. More ▸

  • Buffalo Sabbath Observers May Open Shops Sunday

    Through the efforts of the Buffalo Council of Rabbis, Mayor Charles E. Roesch and Police Commissioner Austin J. Roche have granted permission to Jewish shopkeepers, who observe the Sabbath and keep their businesses closed on Saturday, to keep open on Sunday and serve their customers. This arrangement was effected after a personal interview between Mayor… More ▸

  • Hartford Rabbi is Named Colonel in Local Nra

    Rabbi Abraham J. Feldman, of Temple Beth Israel, has been appointed by the local NRA administration to furnish the speakers in the campaign to acquaint people with the NRA. He has the rank of “colonel” in the NRA organization. More ▸