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  • Status of Converted Jews Subject for Negotiations Between Vatican and Nazis

    While the question of the reinstatement of equality for baptized German Jews or German Christians of Jewish origin will be negotiated shortly between the German government and the Vatican, the demand of the latter that non-converted German Jews be treated by the Nazi government in accordance with the principles of Christian charity has been flatly… More ▸

  • Nazi Press Lashes Einstein, Laski, Zionists; Warns Britain Against Boycott

    Striking back at Professor Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler’s Voelkischer Beobachter today termed the famous scientist and his English host, Commander Oliver Locker Lampson, “cheap publicity seekers” and at the same time accused the Zionists of inciting world boycott of German goods. “It is clear that Zionists are responsible for the boycott resolution presented to Geneva,”… More ▸

  • New Ban on Jewish Doctors Anticipated in Germany

    A new law which will make the right of the German Jewish doctors to practice medicine altogether impossible, may be expected shortly, in accordance with the official announcement stating that new regulations will be issued to establish which of the doctors of Germany will be permitted to practice in the future. In connection with the… More ▸

  • Einstein in Seclusion Until Departure for U.S.

    Professor Albert Einstein will remain in seclusion in England for a month when he will sail for the United States to take up his duties at Princeton, N. J., at the Institute for Advanced Studies, it was learned yesterday. Professor Einstein is staying at the country estate of his intimate friend, Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson, where… More ▸

  • Argentine Zionist Laborites Hold First Convention

    The first convention of the Argentine League for Working Palestine closed here yesterday. The convention was addressed by the Argentine Socialists, Congressman Dickmann, Senators Bravo and Palacios and the representatives of the Palestinian Labor Fund, I. Razili. The convention resolved to invite Argentine Jewish colonists to visit Palestine as a manifestation of unity with the… More ▸

  • Embassy Shuns Baltimore German Celebration Because Swastika is Not Displayed

    Representatives of the German Reich shunned the German Day celebration here at Carlin’s Park, although in all the thirty-two years that the day has been celebrated here, either the German Ambassador or his representative had been present. No Swastika flag, no official German recognition, was the dictum of the Embassy at Washington. As there was… More ▸

  • Hearst Favors Admission of German Refugees Here

    Opening the gates of America to a “due proportion of those who are driven out of Germany” is recommended by William Randolph Hearst, famous American newspaper publisher. In a telegram to Morris Margulies, secretary of the Zionist Organization of America, Mr. Hearst expressed the hope that “the day would never come when we will close… More ▸

  • Young Ohio Zionists Form State Youth Organization

    Representatives of Zionist youth organizations in Ohio, in a meeting held in connection with the Zionist regional convention, decided to form a state organization. The groups represented at the conference were: Junior Hadassah, Young Judea, Masada and Avukah. The conference voted unanimously to enter the boycott movement. Joseph Papo, Masada delegate, was appointed to direct… More ▸

  • Dr. Cyrus Adler Celebrates Seventieth Birthday Today

    Dr. Cyrus Adler, one of the foremost leaders in Jewish affairs and noted educator, celebrates his seventieth birthday today. Dr. Adler, who is returning from a vacation spent in California, will not arrive in New York until September 19. Through his work on behalf of the Jews in many lands, Dr. Adler, who was born… More ▸

  • Religion on Tax-cards Nazis’ Latest Innovation

    An innovation in taxation was introduced here when the question of religious affiliation was introduced into the tax payers’ cards for 1934. The German press, in publishing the new regulations on income tax payments, prints the section dealing with religious affiliation in heavy type. More ▸