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  • Seaboard Zionists in Plea for Hadassab-z.o.a. Unity

    The semi-annual meeting of the executive committee of the Seaboard Zionist organization here, went on record as endorsing the German relief campaign; asking for unity between the Zionist Organization of America and the Hadaasah and endorsing efforts to help defray the deficit of the Zionist Organization. The meeting was presided over by Rabbi Edward L…. More ▸

  • Hess Warns Nazis Against Molesting Foreigners

    An order warning all Nazis against molesting foreigners who do not give the Nazi salute when the Nazi flag is borne by was issued yesterday by Rudolf Hess, assistant to Hitler. The order was issued after a number of incidents occurred in which Americans and other foreigners, particularly Jewish-looking American citizens, were assaulted by Nazi… More ▸

  • Coty Declaration on Jews Denies Race Bias, Poses Stand As Against ‘socialism’

    The declaration of Francois Coty, millionaire parfumeur and publisher, that he is not anti-Semitic, was prominently featured here in L’Ami du Peuple, one of his newspapers, and drew the observation from the Paris Haint, influential Yiddish newspaper, that it was not to be taken seriously in view of “the unpopularity at the present moment, of… More ▸

  • Postmaster General at Pageant

    President Roosevelt, expressing regret at his inability to attend in person the opening performance of “The Romance of a People,” has designated Postmaster General James A. Farley to represent him on Thursday evening at the Polo Grounds. The President reiterated his sympathy with the efforts of the Jewish people to re-establish a homeland in Palestine… More ▸

  • General Goemboes Warns Against Swastika Use

    A warning against the significance of the swastika for Hungary, was issued yesterday by the Hungarian Premier, General Julius Goemboes, on the occasion of the inauguration of the flag of the United Party. General Goemboes declared. “These undesirable foreign politics are unsuited to the Hungarian soul.” Franz K. Fischer, Minister of the Interior, declared that… More ▸

  • Montreal’s Jewish Aldermen Will Fight Move Against Entry of German Refugees

    The three Jewish Aldermen of this city are preparing to battle vigorously at the next meeting of the council, against the resolution introduced by the anti-Semitic alderman, Auger, requesting the Minister of Immigration to oppose any attempt to bring German refugees into Canada. Action on the resolution was postponed yesterday until the next meeting. The… More ▸

  • All Jewish Brokers Ousted from German Exchanges, Reich Association States

    The Reich Association of German Stockbrokers announces that all Jewish members have been forced to resign. The announcement comes shortly after a denial by the authorities in which it was stated that no action had been taken against the Jews on the stock exchanges but only against “staaten-lose”, the men without citizenship in any country…. More ▸

  • Ohio Zionist Region Ends Two-day Session

    The two day convention of the Ohio Zionist region closed with a banquet at which Nathan Straus, Jr., of New York, was the principal speaker. More than three hundred Ohio Zionists representing twenty-six Jewish communities in the state gathered in Cleveland for the convention. After listening to a number of speakers, the convention went on… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Asks for 24,700 Certificates, Report

    The Jewish Agency for Palestine has requested 24,700 immigration certificates for the half-year from October to March, from the immigration department of the Palestinian government, it was learned here today, although it was impossible to obtain any confirmation of the report. The memorandum which was submitted stated the fullest details on which the demands for… More ▸

  • Stern Housing Commission Head

    Alfred K. Stern, son-in-law of the late Julius Rosenwald, noted philanthropist, was named as chairman of the new Illinois Housing Commission appointed by Governor Henry Horner. Immediately after the appointment was announced, Governor Horner telephoned to Mr. Stern and urged him to “get into action at once.” More ▸