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  • Goebbels Reproves Jewry for Voicing Protests

    Advice to the Jews of the world that it would have been wiser for them to abstain from any outcry against the Jewish discriminations in Germany was given today by Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, in the course of an interview with the French paper, Le Soir, of Paris. “It is the… More ▸

  • German Jewish Authors Excluded

    The presidium of the All-German Writer’s Association, resolved today to exclude all Jewish writers from membership in the Association. More ▸

  • Refugee Problem Brings Reich Race Policy into Open at Geneva Session

    The question of Nazi treatment of the Jews in the Reich may arise at the meeting of the Assembly of the League of Nations, it was learned here today. The question may be brought to the fore next week in connection with negotiations now proceeding on the initiative of Holland, with France and Czechoslovakia, regarding… More ▸

  • Rumor That Czechs Will Bring Jewish Issue Before the League of Nations

    The rumor that the Czechoslovakian government will bring the question of the Jews in Germany before the Council of the League of Nations now in session at Geneva, was much commented upon in this morning’s German press, some papers asserting that the Upper Silesian question will also be raised at the Council meeting. The Munich… More ▸

  • Hold Nazi Influence in German Societies Here As Triumphant

    Close upon the heels of the resignation of all the officers and directors of the United German Societies on Friday, came charges by Dr. Fritz Schlesinger, former treasurer, directed to Dr. Peter I. Kesseler, ex-vice-president, in which the writer makes the assertion that the new pro-Nazi element now controlling the organization intends to “propagandize the… More ▸

  • Tropical Diseases Institute Tells Non-aryan Students New Matriculation Terms

    The Institute for Sea and Tropical Diseases has announced that non-Aryan students will be accepted only after signing an agreement that they will leave Germany immediately upon the completion of their studies, which last three months and are intended for medical students. The would-be students must also pledge that they will use the acquired knowledge… More ▸

  • Drive Against Jews in Trade Continues Unabated

    The campaign to prohibit officially all Jews in trade is spreading rapidly over Germany, despite the efforts of the Minister of Economics, Kurt Schmitt, to check discriminations against the Jews. Many local authorities officially have ordered the Jews to close their stores altogether and not to deal with Jews. In Munich the police at the… More ▸

  • Rumor Saxonia is Planning to Prevent Jews Marrying

    The Freiheit, Socialist paper, has learned that the government of Saxonia is preparing a law which will prohibit Jews from marrying. While the Nazi press has contained a large number of proposals that intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles be prohibited and suggesting severe punishment for intermarriages, this, so far as is known, is the first… More ▸

  • American Labor in Anti-nazi Boycott Forecast by Green, Federation Head

    Adoption of the anti-Nazi boycott by the American Federation of Labor was forecast yesterday in a statement by William Green, president of the organization. Mr. Green declared that evidence of torture and complete crushing of the German labor movement by the Hitler dictatorship will be presented to the A. F. of L. convention opening here… More ▸

  • German Film Actors on Coast Ignore Nazi Ultimatum to Return

    Abrupt refusal to consider seriously orders issued by the German government that “pure Aryan” German film stars return to their homeland to participate in the “cultural rebirth” of the nation, came from prominent film artists in Hollywood who are affected by the announcement. The film folk said they had received no direct advice from the… More ▸